Would you want to live to 108?


This lady is 108 and threw out the first pitch at a baseball game. What do you think about living past 100? I think it’d be pretty cool to be honest. Maybe in 80 years they’ll have better technology and life will be smoother for those in triple digits. I mean I know I’m stating the obvious but a couple months ago I wanted to die. Now I wanna live. Not sure about 108…that’s a lot. But as much as I can.

I used to want to be dead. Not now.

Just had a funny thought. By the time I am a pensioner there will likely be top quality weed legalised which doesn’t cause psychosis. Look forward to spend my retirement getting baked.

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Sure that would be cool. Watching everyone around me drop like flies and last past a century. Who knows what life will be like 50 years from now. It seems grandiose though as I’m 31 and that would mean I haven’t lived 1/3rd of my life.

I don’t think my lifestyle choices like smoking will allow me to live that long, but when it’s your time to go it’s your time to go.


Yeah smoking and drinking for me. Even though i use the vape now and quit smoking…i smoked for 6 years and have drank probably 1000 times in my life…but since I’m only 25 and they’ll have better health systems its possible.

I’d have to quit drinking altogether at some point though.

It is indeed a scary thought “I’m only 1/4 through my life”, but It’d be cool to say “I’M 108 B****!” Or however old I can live to. Especially with this illness shortening or lives, we can say we made it damn far to have SZ. Like BB King living to 88 with diabetes. That’s a feat.

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Yeah, by the time we’re crusty old men they’ll probably have robots taking care of our laundry, folding clothes and taking out the trash. In Japan, where most of the population is growing old at a fast rate, they’re already working on that.

I have this strange belief that people who work full-time put their bodies through a ton of stress maybe by not getting enough sleep and making conscious effort daily. I have this theory that if you spend your days lounging around you might last a little longer. That’s not to say I will not try to work sometime in the future. Don’t want to live in poverty all my life haha.

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Yeah between disability and my part time job, I doubt I’ll ever to be able to work full time, hopefully I can get by.

Disability isn’t enough alone, but with a part-time job which isn’t too stressful you can get by. That seems like a good formula.

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I’d say you’re pretty lucky to be able to work part-time and keep your benefits. Here the maximum you can make on top of your check is a lousy 100$. There is the option of working under the table but I’d rather not risk that.

I can see myself working full-time if I had a job in video games, I would need better living arrangements than right now to make sure the shower doesn’t break down and I’d need to feel like I can come and go as I please, which isn’t the case right now.

Where do you live? I’m on SSDI in the United States and I can make up to almost 1100$. But if I go 1 dollar over I lose the whole check for the month. I only work 12 hours a week so that’s not an issue, but if I was ever about to go over by a little bit I’d say I’d work for free haha.

Canada. 1100$ including your check? I get 1000$ more or less on disability and would be allowed to work for an extra 100$ so that would be the same as you. That’s hardly enough to go by for me if I want to live comfortably, I still have to rely on my parents for extra money throughout the month.

I’m in the same boat with you with parents and needing them to get by. I get $550 a month roughly on disability and can make $1100 in addition to that. The system is weird because some people with SSDI get like $1000+ a month and can still make $1100 in addition I believe. My dad is going on social security soon so I may be able to register him as my co-payee and it will increase my disability. Right now I’m on my Moms and that may be why it’s so low.

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But yeah I think it’s crazy you can only make $100. That encourages us to just lounge around all day like you said and, never make any progress. By working part time I get in the swing of things of being more active and in the community maybe one day I can get off disability I believe.

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So basically if you were here it would mean you get a pay for a full-time job at the minimum salary, but only working part time. Monthly income for full-time on minimum salary here is around 1600$. Not too shabby for you, especially putting in 12 hours a week. :wink: Good luck man, eventually you might be stable enough and look around for something full-time in a field that you love, especially after studying for a bit.

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Yeah I really like animals and I also aspire one day to write. So potentially I can get off it, it’s just difficult enough to work 12 hours a week now, I can’t imagine working full time. Who knows though. I get better as the weeks go on now. Starting to become residual for me. Thanks and good luck to you too.

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If I was healthy and happy.

Im lucky if I make it to 65 to be honest with you

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All that would take is LOTSA breeding you know back crossing and such …you know I don’t think anybody is doing that now…hhmm.

Sorry …to the OP…nope, no way …I’ve seen all that need to , and experienced enough to the point that im ready to move on.

I’m good to 75 or 80 then I’m done lol

I just want to see my son happy and healthy.

I’m ready to die now. If I live to 50 that will be too long.