Very serious question? What would you do with unlimited funds? if you knew you have limited time? (edited)

ten years ago a medical teacher told other students to look at my stats and said that i had my death marked out and that i might have twenty or even thirty years but my death is ‘locked in’

i can’t remember the exact words.

Ten years later i’ve realised ten years or twenty happen in the blink of an eye


I wouldn’t change much but itd lift my anxiety a whole bunch. My parents always tell me not to worry about money but money gives me anxiety anyways.


i re phrased the question.

i can’t change much but i could give my partner a carreer change

I could go on walking holidays before my arthritis ■■■■■ everything up as well

oh I thought you meant “you will never grow old and you will have unlimited money”…not that you will die young. Sorry. But I still don’t think i’d change much.

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Thanks Daze

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Stability makes one more stable, be better to live life with a roof over your head, spending spree only last"s as long as the money. Job’s and health can be lost as we age, but I’m willing to help by getting you to send me all your money and I will hold it for you to save you from these urges :stuck_out_tongue:


What about buy a small bungalow and get Adrian to take a couple of years off work,

Stabliise there - then get the rest of the money and get Adrian to take about 3 years off the grind he’s been doing for ever and ever and get my husband to train repair robots or some crap

and buy a holiday flat somewhere cheap and let airbnb

i don’t think i’m just dreaming

This is a question i ask myself too. I currently make enough money to be independent but i am afriad to let go of the comfort and stability as i am mentally ill. All i wanna do right now is be free. Single and with my family but the minute i decide to take action - i chicken out as it will be stupid. If i get sick or something bad happens i will not be able to support myself. I am afriad of going completely crazy. But when i think that i will die - this is not the life i want to live - i am so unhappy and lonely.

Then i think that happiness has nothing to do with other people or temorary situations - i am not sure. Maybe my illness is the reason i am unhappy.

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On Jan.1 I will be 58, and I am started to look ahead to see the end of my existence. I’m wondering how I will judge my own life. A great many of the roles and duties that everyone meets without thinking I will not have accomplished. I never had kids or a family. I haven’t had a career. I’ve never come near to buying a house. I won’t get the satisfaction of seeing my kids grow up. I think I can forgive myself for a lot of things, but then again … I don’t know. Just about all my sins have been sins of omission, not commission, but there is still some guilt that I bear.


Depends where you are in life and how much can be afforded, takes a life time for many to build enough money for retirement, and even then it can come with many expenses. MY old neighbor is traveling the world, got rid of everything, but had to borrow some money to do it, he makes a lot when he works but even still one illness can break you when older.

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This question about what we would do with unlimited funds…smacks of delusion. do you believe you have unlimited funds? I believed this while I was mentally delusional.

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I have a trust fund

i have a trust fund

no guilt

sorry i hope you don’t have much guilt you don’t need to prove yourself to life

i think the people having children are the ones to blame for the end of life on the planet as much as any car use we can commit

i dont’ know it’s mad to have children at the end of life on the planet

I don’t have unlimited funds (impossible), but I do have a limited time (everyone has a limited time). Perhaps the greatest joy in my life is donating money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make-A-Wish America.

I have serious physical health issues, and my limited time is very limited, so if I had $100B dollars I would donate it all to those two charities.

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Crimby you might so far life of a nun.

You know?

Not in the innocent sense.

I love you here. Merry Christmas friend

Unlimited funds? I would funnel millions to my son. Enough money so that he could finish his education without concern for costs. And so that, even with an education, he wouldn’t have to worry about money for even a moment of his life. He’s working twelve hour days at two jobs with hardly a day off right now. I’m so proud of him, but his real desire is to finish school and I wish I could give that to him.


For whatever it’s worth, and I hope it’s worth something, you’ve helped people on here, including me. That is worth something. To touch a life, to brighten a day is worth more than a career and money.


Thanks for this message sleepybug

I sympathise

I feel less alone

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If I had unlimited funds I would offer a billion dollar prize to anyone who can find a cost effective way to desalinate sea water. (By “cost effective” I mean competitive with the watershed in temperate climates.)

I would also offer a billion dollar prize to anyone who could find a cost effective way to extract hydrogen to use as fuel. (By “cost effective” I mean competitive with extracting and refining oil.)

I would also offer a billion dollar prize for any other enormously beneficial inventions, like maybe efficient electrical batteries for cars that are competitive with energy density of gasoline.