I been spending alot of money...i really need to control

hi guys,i been spending alot of money on gaming/gambling,i really must stop this now,spent around Rm1000(300USD) in 3 days time,need to stop this ■■■■■■■ ■■■■

Sounds like the beginning of a gambling addiction. Might want to knock it off before you really get in financial trouble.

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its really hard to control,i just spend alot of money online,i tried to not think about it but then i spend again in the end…but luckily i am still not in debt,but will soon be in debt if this goes on

Do you suffer from mania or hypomania?

There was a Youtube video I posted few weeks ago about this problem. It can be a symtom of manic depression. In this video one famous person just bought things although he had already these items. Of course, it may also be compulsive gambling. I spend no money online.

I just buy music online. GooglePlay is the way to go.

i really reallyh had alot to learn from you!!

Oh man, I am so guilty of this.

Wish I could tell you how to manage it, but I am still learning myself!

I spent $60.00 at Goodwill last week. Felt guilty for spending that much $$$$. :neutral_face:

go and see a therapist immediatly…it is an addiction…my brother in law ’ shrek ’ gambled too, not good…
a hypnotherapist cured him of gambling and smoking…now he just drinks !?!
take care