Obessesive and compulsive spending?

I am spending money compulsively,I don’t know how to help myself anymore,had spend 800USD on Gaming related things the past two months

I have 50 Usd left and got the impulse to spend it all,I am in trouble

You have to find a way to stop yourself. All obessesive behavior is hard to stop, but the consequences of this kind of behavior are bad. I don’t know if you have anyone who will rescue you if you get in trouble, but even if they do, they will still be likely to put you on a tight budget as a condition for saving you. You could find yourself under the wheel for a long time.

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What are you gaining from it? You know yourself best so why are you doing it?

I didn’t have time to play games so I spend money on the game…

But what’s your rationality on that?

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There is gaming addiction in me and also manic spending…

But what goes through your head when you want to buy a game you know you will never play? .

Hello @dreamscape I think not wanting to lose out on level to other people had got me to pay for the game…it’s really a impulse,can’t explain how hard it is to control…

I never had time to play the game yet I spend to pay for others to level up my account

That’s probably the worst thing happened to me,no wonder I have been feeling more confused nowadays

Do you think it’s trying to overcompensate for something else?

I think it’s a escape from my real life,schizophrenia,work stress

And home life!!!

And we have been done this road a few times before.

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I find when my symptoms comes I tend to go into the spiral of manic spending

I agree with you,home life,I spend my time doing nothing most of the time.I am at work but I don’t do work,my parent force me to come and appear at work.I work like I am at home because I practically do nothing,spend the whole day thinking about gaming

It’s more of me,my illness and maybe my personality.I need to accept my life and myself…but I really don’t know how to do it lol

It’s a life long journey to discovery yourself… My 2cents is start by leaving the nest.

If nothing else saving money for moving out in the future. May give you the motivation to stop buying things you don’r need. It’s all redirection with habits. You replace one habit for anther. :sunglasses:


I recently quit smoking and drinking so now I have to stay out of the thrift stores because I just like new stuff and attaching the new stuff to my life, I think it’s all psychological. Just trading one brain satisfying addiction that we have created for ourselves for another self gratifying pleasure. That part of the brain misses being satisfied. I am getting fatter now as well.