I ate a medium rare burger, now I feel sick!

I cooked s frozen cheeseburger patty that was kind of raw on the inside.
This was hours ago.
Now my stomach is upset and it’s rumbling.

I hope to God that I don’t have food poisoning like Ecoli!

Stupid move on my part but I cannot reverse what is done.

I hope that I don’t have to get hospitalized or worse yet, get really sick or die!

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I hope it’s nothing serious.


Lol u will be alright mate.

Don’t stress

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If it gets worse go to the emergency room. Better to be on the safe side.

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That sounds bad, hope you feel better @Wave

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I’m sorry you’re not feeling well @Wave.

I hope it’s nothing serious. :pray:

Rest assured the human body can process/digest some nasty stuff.

But if it gets worse definitely go to the ER.

Take care, :v:.


You should be ok. But not cooking burgers all the way through isn’t a good idea.


I’ve had a frozen burger make me feel sick before, I ended up throwing up once and then I felt completely fine. It just didn’t agree with me for whatever reason but it was nothing serious. I’m sure ur gonna be alright :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe take some pepto bismol or something similar?


I woke up this morning and my stomach is still bothering me but it hasn’t gotten worse.
I guess this is a good sign.
I will keep an eye on it.

Thanks guys!


Feel better soon! With frozen patties, it’s best to cook them all the way through. Better safe than sorry!

And by the way, I am a total hypocrite, because I like my steaks medium rare.


Yeah, I love a good bloody steak, but that’s a pretty far cry from frozen hamburger patties. Best to cook those super well from now on.

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I’m guilty of eating raw bacon and uncooked hamburger. It’s amazing I’m still vertical. :slight_smile:


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