I aproached 2 sets at 20.30 evening tuesday (DAYGAME)

three girls was near bar smoking, i asked for lighter,i told i am bum they where laughing and managed to talk for 5 min, i asked where are they from what are they doing, but i was afraid to ask more questions. one gir didnt had jacked so she told she is bum too…they weare drinking alkohol in that bar, if i could drink i would be asked if they want to drink with me…i am now will start approach girls in streets , practice daygame… other set i aproached near christmas tree but it went awkward i asked if coffe they are drinking is good and then said marry christmas and go away couse they were not understanding whats happenning :DDDD anyone doing daygame here ?

I’ve tried it. I stopped because I started feeling like a creep.

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