Thai girl are pretty and sexy

Went to a drinking place yesterday and have lots of fun with the girls


Where r u now .??? Gtx1990 …ur based on malaysia right …!!! How are u today…!!! Is there any football matches today …

Fine.Went to a Thai bar yesterday and have had fun.No football matches

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Arent u playing fifa too…

Ha, fortunes can turn on a dime, right @Gtx1990? One day your down, and the next day you’re drooling over some pretty women!

Indeed Thai girls are very sexy.

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Yes @77nick77 ,to be honest I am happy.But I still have worries over sexual problem.#neverhadsex

You might find a very understanding patient woman who can show you the ropes about sex and teach you a few things. Who knows? It’s possible. Women can be very cool and nice. But you have to do your part and treat them right. Good luck.


Dude, we have several trans members here. Not cool.

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Oh dammit that was super insensitive… i apologize for my comments. I hold no ill will towards anyone and did not mean to upset.