For guys, your experience and recommendations with women

Ok so…

Back a few years ago me and some pals used to frequent the city centre to pick up girls. We were practising a form of pick up known as daygame. Essentially, we stopped girls in the street and talked to them for 10-15 minutes before inviting them for coffee. I had some success with this - managed to get a few girls to coffee with me and even one girl back to my apartment but nothing further than that - we didn’t get intimate

I’m looking to get back into dating and playing so what apps/services do you guys recommend for this?

What are you guys success with women and any tips?

I cringed when I read that. Sounds a little…pushy

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Honestly, I thought the same when I was first introduce to it but the techniques of daygame make it all very natural and relaxed. The girl will not feel she is being pushed but rather, she is happy to talk to you for a while as the stop is so effective

Search ‘daygame’ on Youtube to see what I mean

I don’t think that would fly in my neck of the woods. I could be wrong, though, as I am next to clueless on how to pick up women. I just go the online dating route. But if you’re comfortable approaching random women, I would try maybe a bar or nightclub or something. Concerts would also work, maybe.

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Here is an example of the stuff I used to do

I def don’t have the confidence or social skills to do stuff like that, but more power to the guys that do. I feel like doing this “daygame” in a bar or nightclub would be much more fruitful than doing it on the street.

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I have a gf who has similar mental health as me.
It is simple, fun, easy, relaxed, down to earth.
I never worry about head games or cheating.
She’s just sweet and kind, perfectly the type of woman I love and enjoy dating :slightly_smiling_face:


Nightclubs require a higher energy form of game It helps if you are a good dancer etc…

I avoid the bars and strip clubs
I hate the energy there with those strippers
Last time I went I saw a pole dancer flicker her tongue just exactly like a snake

I don’t need that kind of lust in my life.

I would rather go to Denny’s or waffle house and BS with the waiters / waitresses in the middle of the night over some pan cakes and coffee, sooooooo much better than the stripper atmosphere :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do guys here feel their illness affects their ability to seduce women or hold a friendship with them?

For sure I find it much more difficult now than before the illness. Before the illness I was good with improvising on the spot and being creative with my words, but these days I feel blank and sometimes don’t know what to say

It makes things a little more difficult but it doesn’t really matter to me or slow me down
I just do not find myself attracted to women who flaunt their nudity and has slept with 75+ men
I like good people.

There are more men with schizophrenia than women with schizophrenia therefore men with schizophrenia will have a more difficult time with women.

A schizophrenic man with a normal woman is possible and probably represents 5% of all men in a relationship with a woman compared to the remaining 95% of schizophrenic men who are single.

Men with schizophrenia would need to disclose they have schizophrenia with their potential female partner because being open & honest in a relationship is required for the long-term.

Here in Alaska there’s something like 10 males for every 1 female…here they say that when trying to find a guy that “the odds are good that the goods are odd”! cuz so many weird people live here.

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I almost never cold approach women. When women are interested they will usually let you know and give you some sort of signal and then whatever happens happens. That could be a look, a comment, her body language (like getting close to you), touching, etc… then I know I have at least sparked her interest and I’ll begin talking with her and see where it goes, feel it out, was she just being friendly or is does she have something else in mind…

But once I tell them I have schizophrenia it’s game over, I’ve been single so long it’s pathetic.


I wouldn’t just randomly approach women on the street. I think that would really scare a lot of women.

You have to try meeting them in a more relaxed environment. Like the library or something.

I wish I could offer more advice but like most schizophrenic men I’m single. (Big surprise huh?!!).

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That “pick-up artist” stuff doesnt really work well unless your pretty suave and smooth.

I can be a tad socially strange missing some social cues at times. So its a miracle if id have success doing that day game stuff.

Before i had mental illness i was around 21.
I had just moved in to a friends house and one night I knocked on the neighbour accros the street door once and then ran away, then she saw me and i said “it was me” and smiled. Then i invited her over the next night and did the deed lolz. And had a couple more hookups But then she saw me with some other girls at the house and decided she would get back at me and sleep with my friend lol. Bad boys and bad girls :smile:
We also met girls at the club but that was pretty challenging we just got too drunk.

I met my gf online 6 years later tho on pof and shes awesome.

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I was thinking about getting back on Pof the other day. It is free after all.

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Yeah hey its worth a shot :blush:

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Just burned a bridge like a madman

So this forum is like a reward :speaking_head::gun:

Exactly! Never know if you don’t put yourself out there.


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