I apologise for my reaction/words

i apologise for my behaviour towards @jukebox.
thanks to @samples32 for her calm voice
and @malvok for a bit of realism.
accusing someone of not being sz because they don’t take meds is like…
accusing someone of not having cancer because they don’t do chemo…
it hit a raw nerve.
take care


You are so kind and considerate, dark sith.


You strike me as a quality poster, darksith. Then again, I judge the quality of my own posts varies from post to post.


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Why did you let it get to you Darksith? Anyway hope we all can set aside our differences and just get back to supporting eachother. Kudos for posting btw.

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for the most part i try to be supportive of others…but that just triggered something dark inside.
i try to be ’ zen '…but i am a sith not a buddha…lol.
the darkness runs deep inside me, like the hades river, neverending, swirling with a putrid smell… the currents are strong, and sometimes i get caught in the hatred…and the hurt.
you see the best of me on here…not the worst.
thanks for your support.
take care


no need to apologise sith. he outright called you a liar. it’s not the first time either. in my opinion he was being a dick. you have every right to defend yourself. personally i don’t understand why he did as he’s usually a really nice guy. maybe the non smoking is getting to him. i don’t know. all i do know is he was out of order and you did nothing wrong. so you threatened to mash him up if he were next to you. so what? you were only defending yourself. i had the same accusation once from someone who is now a dear friend. he was off his meds and it showed. maybe michael needs a med adjustment, who knows but it’s no excuse for cruelty. i still stand by you. much love, jayne.

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