I am ugly 10101010

I am ugly
I am caring
I am scruffy
I am scary
I am tall
I am ill
I am walls
I am pills
I am air
I am water
I am rain
I am saunder
I am envy
I am vain
I am running
I am pain
All of these and more am I
Is not I


I hear you matey x

Hope you found that theraputic.

I want the cure

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Lol. Sorry there aint one.

Us poor sods have to learn coping skills to deal with it. :upside_down_face:

(No seriously - i take it your venting) x


UGLY? Well, I try not to look in the mirror too much myself.

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Why did you call yourself ugly? I’m no longer beautiful since I started taking Antipsychotics and started getting old. But I know I will never be ugly because I still have spirit and hope inside my body and mind. So you can do this , too, by staying hopeful. Then you will find that you can never be ugly.


I’ve lost my good looks of my youth.
Now I’m just fat and tired looking.
I’m not aging well unfortunately.
These meds have ravaged my looks.


Haha :laughing: lol


İ think its(thinking that you are ugly) a perception disorder.i used to think that i m ugly too but since i start aps my perception fixed.i never think myself ugly anymore

I used to be handsome like a Greek demigod.
Now I am just as ugly as a Picasso cubist portrait. Lol.

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There are parts of my personality that are just plain ugly, and I can’t keep them hidden. That is why I keep to myself so much.

I don’t know if I am beautiful, cute, or ugly. All my life, and to this day, I have been called all of those things.

I myself think I might have been cute when I was young. I think I’m ugly now.

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