How do you cope wiyh being too ugly for love with schizophrenia?

Its getting to the point now where i dont even want to be seen. I feel so hideous it is unreal. No one is going to want me and i cant stop crying. The only people who have ever taken an interest are the ones who are really far away and the ones who havent seen me in person. Why do bullys and evil people seem to find love when i cant. People look disappointted when they see me in person im too scared to meet anyone in person because of it
I feel as though i shouldnt be seen.

Also with this disorder i dont even have a sex drive that much i feel as though no one will ever want me im so sad and i dont want to go out any more

Can someone tell me why i should continue to live like this. Everything is ruined and im too ugly for love.


I think you’re hyper critical of yourself. You’re a really nice person, but you see yourself in the worst possible light.

Do you have a therapist to talk to? They could help.

They dont help. Nothing helps

What meds are you currently on, just out of curiosity?

Im now on Zyprexia 7.5 mg


Your idea of yourself is making you miserable. If you could change the way you think about yourself the whole way you see the world would shift


You always seem distraught. That has got to be taking a toll on you. Theres countless ugly people in the world, the majority of people I see are not beautiful at all. Everyone gets by fine with the looks they have because they are mentally and emotionally well. I have no great advice on this issue other than forget about how you look and focus on your mental wellness.


Why do you think you are ugly. Maybe there’s something you can do to make yourself feel more beautiful.

You seem depressed maybe.

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Many people believe they’re ugly, but they’re not. You need therapy to help you see what’s good about you.

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I used to suffer from a dimilar thing. I thought that i was so monstrous looking that i didnt go outside for days or weeks at a time. I would stare at myself in the mirror and just be astounded at how wretched i looked. I thought i didnt even look human.
Turns out i have a thing called body dysmorphia. It means that the person i see in the mirror is not at all what others see. Its a distorted view of myself. And im highly critical of my appearance and put lots of stock into it.
Maybe you could be suffering from something similar?
Lots of people with trauma and mental health issues have body dysmorphia.


there is no such thing as ugly. society makes up this stuff. we live in a natural world. everything is natural. there is nothing wrong or ugly or defected or any of this negativism that is like where did that come from? i dont buy it. not for a second. you shouldnt either. it is toxic.

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Maybe try saying words of love and positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror every day or listen to Louise hay love yourself guided meditation on YouTube.

I had people and voices call me ugly.
It was bad.

Only ugly people I’ve seen are ones with inner ugliness that treat people bad n think they are superior n that’s where it matters.

You can have a loving happy relationship without sex.

Lots of people have a great relationship without sex.

Sex isn’t the most important thing.

I heard you can seek asexual person.

There are even asexual dating sites.

Hope you will feel better soon.


I think you should find someone who has the same illness

You’re a nice guy, don’t ever give that up. Ugh… like an Eagle to a tree. (So back in the day in Engrish when a plural for animal was used by proper noun or pronoun, Animal was capitalized.) :slight_smile:

If I can’t be beautiful in front of a camera I can find beauty from behind one.

Life balances out.

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, I resort to plastic surgery.
Again and again and again… until my :nose: becomes :pig_nose:

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I went on a date with a girl once she said I look way better IRL than my pics ;). I was like gee thank you

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Well, people have distrusted me, accused me, and bullied me my whole life simply because I exist. I’m trying to put myself out there, but I don’t even know if I can have an intimate relationship with someone and fall in love. Right now, I am learning how to be alone. Maybe one day I will have a romantic relationship and get married, but it’s not in the books right now. Even though it makes me sad, it is my lot in life. Who knows, maybe you will encounter someone that loves you and you love too. I know it is painful, but keep trying. Keep living, and try to be content with your own what you have now and enjoy your life.

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Thank you and i understand the feeling. And im sorry you feel that way. Its no easy but we will get better i promise. So what if we dont meet anyone. I usve heard it puts more stress on you anyway. People have been telling me that im not missing out on much anyway this is probably the best years for me anyway

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