I am trying to become a better person

I continue to do whats right for me,i do make mistakes sometimes but I am improving overall

No one can predict the future,i might be doing good,feeling good at this moment maybe next week I would be depressed/confused(hated this a lot).

I go to work in the morning and workout after my work everyday.I need to watch my diet though because I always eat a lot of unhealthy and sweet food.I also need to be more confident about myself.

I been pushing myself to go out and meet people every weekend for a month and doing this has made me less depressed and less moody at work


Be gentle with yourself if you do fall off the wagon so to speak.

Try rewarding yourself more for your accomplishments. Which helps to reinforce good behaviour.

Helps sometime to have goals more planned out. So break it down more to do able parts.

Beware of making unrealistic goals.- There is such a need for perfectionism in all of us. Knowing our limitations is often a good thing.

Most importantly baby steps. Change is hard. Take things slow day by day, minute by minute if you have to.

I’ve very much messed any order but covers the basics.


You might not believe this but at the age of 57, I’m just figuring out that I only like other people who like themselves. It doesn’t matter what faults I find about them to judge them on. They are no longer faults anymore if “they” don’t consider them to be. Unless it’s something they judge themselves badly on, like smoking or drinking too much. In that case I think it’s just best not to notice those faults too much.

So just become a better person, no need to try

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