All-round better person

I’m trying to be an all-round better person in mind body and soul, just trying to improve myself as a better person


@san_pedro That sounds good! I too wish to be a better person


I’m trying to do the same. Though I am really focusing on my physical health the most atm.

Because I have hit rock bottom regarding that.

Good luck with it @san_pedro


Physical health is a great place to start @LittleMissSlothy


just little stuff can add to one’s life I found, little adjustments all assist

mostly training my mind to feel well is the main task

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I’m trying to be less round and more fit


Thankyou @FreeLunch :grin::+1::+1::+1:

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Tanks @Zoe

I lost 5 stone twice and put it all back on, hopefully, 3rd time lucky and keep it off


Good luck. Just try to loose the weight in a way that is not too fast. Because those ways make it likely you will rebound back to heavier weights.

Also slower weight loss is healthier for the body overall, especially the kidneys I think.

O. 5 to 1kg per week, my doctor says is good. Or maybe it was even 0.1kg.but maximum 1 kg.

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That’s strange.

I remember you used to say all the time you have had peace of mind and no symptoms since 2010.

If you’re starting to not feel well again, you need to tell your pdoc.

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How did you do italics?

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life is not perfect

I am training my mind every day to feel well

it is an going process

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When you’re typing a reply, it’s in the box directly above your text.

Third icon with the I.

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I agree it is a process.

How do you train your mind to feel well?

Does your therapist help you?

I realized you have to click settings

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Look at you!

Figured it out!

Have you ever been a member here before or are you completely new?

That’s good to know. I too am working on myself to be the same. But need to take it slow and one day at a time.

I am as a newborn to the baptismal waters of christ. To this forum. Does that work?

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Just like body training to get fit and healthy, the mind can be trained too

I haven’t a therapist

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That’s good you’re trying to be better and stay well. It can be so hard sometimes. Never give up.

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