I am the official thread ender!


As soon as I post, people stop responding. It’s true! Sometimes I feel super invisible/unpopular on here, so I am giving myself an award of “The Official Thread Ender.” Can anyone else relate? Maybe we can share this prize. LOL!


Ha! Now that I’ve posted, you are not the official thread ender of this thread. :upside_down_face:


I don’t believe I’ve seen you around here before. That might just be because I haven’t been on in I think months though. Sorry you feel like you’re a thread ender! Maybe people just aren’t seeing your posts (like me.) Try not to take it personally! :slight_smile:


Thanks @redanne! I come and go. I don’t comment that much.


Ah, that explains it. I felt as though that may be it, because I recognize many many members by picture or name, but neither of yours rang a bell. I used to be much better about recognizing people back a few years ago when there were a lot less, and I came on every few hours :smile:

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I have not seen much of you either.:slightly_smiling_face:

I think lots of people have felt that way but if you are not writing much and take long breaks you will not get as much interaction perhaps as those who write regularly.

If you want more response try posting something.

I don’t usually make posts because I don’t get many replies often and I’m not that good at it so I mainly just answer questions and read others posts.


Hi @Zilija1! Well I do try to hit the like button here to show support. I should probably comment while I am here too.


@daniellef1975 I am often the last poster on threads. Not sure what that means but I do notice it! I wouldn’t worry too much. The boards move pretty quickly and within a day most posts are down the list a bit for most!


I used to be on a forum where I felt like that. It’s a very lonely feeling. I’m sorry you’ve got that impression. But don’t let it get you down. The people here are friendly and I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose.


It is kinda like the Doors song. People are strange when you’re a stranger. We are all strangers (initially at least) who are in the same struggle. I do like and appreciate this site and the cool people here.


I sure wish I could end threads like you do. It would make me feel powerful.


That’s funny @77nick77! :slight_smile:


(Posting rn so youre not the last post) stay awesomesauce :3


You post all through the thread. Watch a-a mean guy…


I feel bad. I can’t be a thread ender since I’m hardly a thread beginner. What do I have maybe 17 I’ve started in the two and a half years I’ve been a member? Haha.


I wouldn’t worry too much. The folks on here are very sweet and understanding. You’ll be okay. Thank you for joining



Hope you will feel better on the forum.


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I kinda thought I did that when I disclosed I was thinking about doing myself in a few weeks ago but I’m over that now and I don’t think that anymore.

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@redanne If you start a thread, you will usually be the thread ender too. Either with a post or a like. Who ends a post is irrelevant. It is more about how much activity a new thread generates. I have started a few threads here recently but most of them have not created much activity.

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the official thread ender sums things up so nicely

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I’ve not seen your posts before. I’m sorry no one is responding. I’ll look for your posts and try to respond to you. I think it’s a case of bad luck!