I've always had difficulty making posts people will reply to

I’m not including news articles in that. I get a better response here than on any other forum.


Here I am, replying to your post!! :grinning:


Thank you. 2809


I’m replying too !


Great post! :upside_down_face::blush: :kissing:


Thank you . It was just a factual statement . I debated with myself about posting it here or the dxd-other forum. Social communication has always been a thing I’m not very good at.


There are a lot of half dead forums out there - I am a member of an MBTI forum that got taken off public a few years ago and is dying

Elsewhere in the Twitter space etc, people will only respond to controversy around celebrities or ridiculous politics

You’re a good guy @firemonkey - anyone here can see that from your interactions

I try and read the articles you post often, but I struggle to understand some stuff as it can be pretty technical


I think statements are harder to respond to, sometimes, than questions. What do you think?

I agree with that.

This forum has done very well to stay active for so long. I first posted on the forum in 1998. Before that I was a semi regular poster on, which was not a healthy environment ! I’ve been told,elsewhere, I need to couch things more as questions which is fair enough. However that hasn’t resulted in much of an increase in replies there.

I don’t feel great when I put something up and get little in the way of replies.


I think you’d get more responses if you actually took the bother to engage with the people responding to your posts. Most of the time you ignore people even when they tag you or address you by name. To be honest I’m surprised that you’re surprised.

PS. I just checked your last 6 or 7 posts. Very few likes and only a handful of responses - about 80% of replies you ignore completely. All things considered you get lots of replies including mine.

I actually do my best to respond to people. I don’t purposely ignore them. It’s certainly not ‘most of the time’ as you’re claiming.

I’m not trying to give you a hard time, but as you often recognise yourself you have areas of excellence and areas of no so much excellence, which is fine and completely normal. If you check your own posts and do the math about likes and replies to people’s replies you’ll see my point. People don’t dislike you at all, quite the opposite, but in order to obtain certain social outcomes you need to engage more actively with people. I know it’s a chore but it is what it takes.

I’m the same way. Doesn’t matter where I post, people very rarely respond. I think people just don’t like me paired with no one gives a ■■■■ what I care about.

I’ve always erred on the conservative side when it comes to ‘likes’, that doesn’t mean I haven’t appreciated comments that have been made . I’d just prefer not to trivialise the use of ‘likes’ . If you had known me before this forum software was used you’d know I’ve made a great effort not to just post articles. That was at least 95% of my forum posts previously.

I may not be good at it, that would be reasonable comment, but I do make the effort to engage with people here. A response like yours makes me wonder whether it’s been worth making the effort. It’s like going from 8/20 on a test to 14/20 on the next test and still it’s not good enough. It’s disheartening.

I 'm sorry. I’ll try to respond more to your posts.

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I’m not always the best at engaging with people but I do appreciate you all. I’ll try to reply to people here more often; break out of my current habit of posting and running lol.

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Yeah, I agree with the questions remark. I usually post questions that people can post their answers to. It encourages people to participate. People generally will participate in your thread if you ask a decent question of them.


You’re cool in my book firemonkey. I usually check the links you share and sometimes add my input, sometimes I don’t but it’s still good to be informed on the illness. I appreciate you sharing educational articles on it.

I’ve always wondered did you choose firemonkey because of the Chinese zodiac?

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