Umm am I losing my mind

I just logged in to notice that nine topics I started are showing first. I haven’t even started a thread today I haven’t been online all day.

I think sometimes some threads take a few days to get a good conversation going between posters. I find a lot of threads I read interesting but at times I feel I have nothing to add to the input.

yeah but some of these replies are also old …also I dont see this thread topic on the forum listed.

Hmm. A moment ago it was on the top of the threads list. I still see it there. That’s odd. Might be a technical glitch. Anyhow, yeah, sometimes people take days to respond but don’t feel bad. There’s almost always something going on in the say anything thread if you feel the need to chat with people.

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No idea. I’m on the phone app. I can still see it.

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Sorry to hear you’re struggling and hopefully things will pick up.


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