I am so confused

Now they are cutting my kids’ medicaid due to income which believe me isn’t a ton, and they said they made aCHIP referral but then I also got a letter from the Obamacare marketplace and I can’t figure it all out but hope to on MOnday get some help doing so. But, I get agitated when something escapes my understanding. Usually. Oh, Happy Easter! desimb

I can never understand what is written about my insurance but my pharmacy understands it so I just ask them.

A woman online said she found a professional to navigate it for her and she got a really good deal.

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The spaghetti junction of paper work and all the “fine print” requires a guide. It’s so confusing and one little thing in the U.S. and it’s Yank time.

I’m so sorry they are cutting your kids medicare. I hope you find a DSHS councilor and get back their insurance.