Cost of my meds for me going to go way up now?

So because my husband is on disability now and they canceled my medicaid, medicare told me based on this and other matters I will lose my extra help for meds starting in January. Called them and the pharmacy and figured out I will need 23% of $1411.00/month for abilify and believe me I don’t have it. Have no idea what I am going to do unless I find a better job which i tried to for a long time. Does anyone else suffer with this high of copays? I always said if I ever went off of meds it should be because I chose to or because my doctor chose for me to, not because i didn’t have the money. At least they give me time to figure it out, but it is depressing.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but, wouldn’t losing your job make you eligible for medicaid again. I mean, you have to have your medication.

Are you in the US? Wondering if you were able to get into the Affordable Care Act…

wow i never knew psych meds were that expensive

Apparently the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care provision that granted anyone at poverty level access to medicaid. It’s state-by-state. I.e. some states will provide medicaid if you’re at poverty level and some won’t. (Florida, where I live, doesn’t, unless you’re on disability).

Haldol is the cheapest anti-psychotic I know about. $7 for a month’s supply without insurance.

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You can buy cheap medication sometimes directly from pharmaceutical companies.

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Hmmm-Supreme Court?
I was counting on that for retirement!
Have to check that out for Ky.
Really ignorant on this stuff!

That’s medicare.