I am so busy i feel overwhelmed

sometimes I feel like it is too much and I am overwhelmed from everything that’s asked of me and expected of me.

I am doing better with the sz but why do they not give me a chance to breathe for myself? to reward myself for getting better by doing what I want?

I am upset.


it sounds like you do to much and expect to much of your self.
in life we have to pace ourselves and have time to sit down on a park bench and smell the roses.
as sz the above is even more important.
take care

thanks darksith. judy

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Who’s stopping you? Go to a movie or out to eat occasionally. Reward yourself. Get a manicure. (is that sexist? lol) And I will listen to my own advice and try to go out more too. I am actually UNDERwhelmed. I’m at a very slow point in my life. Not much responsibility, not a lot of business that needs taken care of. I’m enjoying the plateau.

It gets pretty hectic around midterms with papers and exams all at once, but its only a couple weeks out of the semester that are that bad for me. I enjoy going to class (except for french, its overkill and im sick of friggin french, this is my fifth year studying french) and I find the workload of my classes to be adequate but no more and no less. I was enrolled in a horrible class that my advisor even said was bad and I dropped it because it was bothering my stable feeling. The syllabus was the size of a book and I was like “no thank you”.

I have plenty of time to go to the gym (my favorite thing to do) and hangout with my friends on the weekends though. College is all about your IQ. Some people take way longer to study and learn material, I learn if I just give it an honest effort and then I retain the knowledge for a long time. I am on academic scholarships which have me going to school for free, so I am fortunate to have above average intelligence and therefore not be strained by college.

But the real world is different. I am putting in much less time than people with real jobs and I am getting too used to it. I’m in for a wake up call when I enter the work force. 40 hours a week is a lot more work than what I do now, that’s for sure.

Don’t use drugs or alcohol, duh, I smoke but that’s unhealthy and I can’t recommend it even though it does relieve stress and anxiety. I find that breaking things down into smaller pieces is how I handle being swamped with work, and setting aside time for leisure every day is also important for me. For example, I have a test and quiz tomorrow but I have already studied and am on my laptop again.

Now that I am living in the world outside my head and trying to catch up with the time this SZ took from me, I find that I try to do everything NOW! I can’t do everything now. The world isn’t like that. Also I find I take on stuff out of guilt.

I feel very guilty about the years I just sat, unable to get up and get going to I also try and make it up to the family I feel most guilty about. Then before you know it… I’m in over my head, I’m stressing out again and I’m upset at the fact that I can’t go at the pace I feel I should, finding I don’t know how to do stuff and it just begins to spiral downward.

I have to take it in little chunks. I have to put a break in the action. It’s the only way to keep what I have gained.

Eww. I don’t think I could handle a single class of French.

I’d like to learn Russian, it seems like such an interesting language. Spanish would be nice too, it’s very popular.

Yeah I am sick of foreign languages by now. I have to take it because my degree is a BA and they want two years of foreign language for it. I’ve got a test today actually, gonna f this shiz up and finish early. I always finish exams early, I hate exams so I knock them out cold and just go smoke a cig and feel the anxiety about them fade. So ready to have my classes today over with…such a pain in the ass today. A test first thing and a quiz in the next class. Oh well I wont have any more exams for a while after this so I just gotta get it done ASAP and that’s my only option.