I am really afraid of my "dumbness"

So i dont know if i am dumb, but it feels like this. I am afraid of this state tbh, people… i find that you all here think fine. Not me… i feel my brain in my head instead… what is this feeling for god sake? A delusion? Anxiety maybe? Regardless that i am like this since kid, i am worried. I am impatient to get better too… one pdoc said though that maybe i took too many meds too. But its in the past. But yes, i feel dumb and maybe i am paranoid. I see always the others cooler or better than me. But really, i cant think still. Is it a part of the sz? Should i be patient so my thinking will return back? Maybe i am wrong, but to me it looks like the others were always seeking for highs, while me i burried myself in big lows… like dumbness too yeap :disappointed_relieved:… Briefly, i still feel my brain inside my head, instead of having free nice thoughts.


I believe “feeling the brain inside your head” is due to brain inflammation. I had that during the worst of my brain injury, but the feeling is going away thankfully due to brain healing supplements.

Good luck with your recovery.

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You come off very coherent @Anna1. I think you are very smart.


I think we all feel dumb at times. My stepdaughter said today that I’m very intelligent but don’t have much common(practical) sense.


Fbut i really cant think guys. I also still dont trust my own thoughts. I was really afraid that i am mentally retarded… i remained silent for years…i dont have brain injury no. It could be a delusion. I dont want to feel my brain like this… maybe its an anciety… too much anxiety. But yes, i dont trust my thoughts at all.

In my sz, i focus very much on my head. So my main strange sensations are in my head. When its bad, i feel as retarded, yeap…

I was going to say, it could be anxiety @Anna1.
Are you taking something for this?

@Anna1 Take it from me you may have some cognitive difficulties,as do many of us here, but you are far from retarded.

Maybe you are right wave, cause if I take a benzo I even start to think better and even to talk more. And vu that I lived highly anxiously since kid, maybe I became dumb now… I was so anxious in the hospitals here that I was close to fainting when the other patients were talking to me. Paranoid too though…
But its really a problem. At school, I was fast on some subjects, but I was a zero or even retarded for others… I never met here anyone who was like this… Very concentrated on some things, but very bad on others… Idk why I am like this. But I feel something inside my head, yes…Its most close to ‘‘a brain’’…

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I felt like this when I was unmedicated. Maybe your medicine is not working anymore

Tends to go with what you Americans call a ‘learning disability’ . Such people tend to be of average or above intelligence. I wouldn’t use the word retarded but on online non- verbal tests I score well below average compared to my high/very high verbal ability.

I see firemonkey. But I literally had ‘‘blank’’ moments in my thinking since teenager. The info around wasn’t ‘‘touching’’ me…

Sometimes that can be caused by anxiety . I’ve quite often had it where I’m thinking about something and it goes clear out of my head.

what if its a real lack of thinking? what if it never recovers? Meds don’t give thinking no? I fight now, compared to before. I try to get over my depression, but I am scared to feel my brain like this. Its painful. My mom says that the brain doesn’t hurt, but I feel something in my head… Maybe its too much negative thinking idk…and now, I am overloaded…

I have this too. Literally same exact thing and my psych says I’m not SZ or SZA. I have that weird tingling pressure in my head too and like I’m gonna pass out I’m dizzy all the time and weak too, and confused. It could be seizures I’m going to a neurologist next week.

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