I am on SSDI I want to be my own payee

I have been on SSDI for years, have had a payee from the very beginning. Has anyone had any success and getting to be your own payee ? I have the form to take to my dr. but heard you have to see a gov dr. for them to determine if you are mentally fit to handle your own finances & be drilled with 500 questions & profiled to see if you fit in their little ‘box’ of requirements… Any insight would be great thanks

All I know is that you have to get your dr to say you’ve improved enough to manage your money. But, if you prove you improved, the gvt will believe you are no longer disabled. You’ll have to go though a process to prove you’re still disabled.

I am on ssdi and became my own payee a few months ago.

You need to go to the social security office with your current payee and they will interview both of you. Pretty basic questions actually…

Then they will give you a form for your doctor to sign. My pdoc required my payee to come to the appointment before he signed off on the form.

That’s all there is to it.


Ok what type of questions do they ask you ? And how long was the interview?

They will ask you and your payee if you feel your capable of handling your own finances.

Interview lasts maybe 15 minutes.

The first time I went to the SS office there was a two and a half hour wait. So I went back a week later and got there 30 minutes before they open. I was in and out of the place in a half hour…

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Was there any paper work you had to bring? Or you & your payee just showed up at the ss office nothing in hand ? Also was there any trick questions they ask? I ask that because you seem older than me & may have more financial experience, I did a little research last night & seen some of the potential questions such as, what type of diet you have, how often do you go to the bank, do you know how to write a check, do you know how to fill out a money order, what do you do if you run out of money before your next check gets deposited or run out of money for food etc etc… Did they ask stuff like that?

Bring your direct deposit info for your bank account.

Most of the 15 minute interview was the girl typing on her keyboard. The only question I remember them asking was if I, and my payee, feel I am capable of managing my own money. Then they ask what would you do if it turns out that your not able to manage your own money.

You seem like your freaking out a bit over it. Like I said, there’s nothing to it.

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Ok thank you. I just want to get this done sorry if I come of that way also wanted some insight on the process. But was just curious if they make it hard or easy to do, I read a government study from a few years ago about how they tied overdoses nationwide to deposited disability checks, which they say advocates pushed for stronger payee restrictions… I have never ever been on hard drugs & I haven’t drank a beer since 2012. So thank you I will get my payee & we will head up there soon, within a week or so.

@anon99082702 can’t that trigger a review of your disability?

I have not gotten anything in the mail saying I’m being reviewed.

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I’ve managed my own money since the beginning and I’ve never had a review. It doesn’t mean you are not disabled.

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From what I understand It does not affect eligibility of benefits, even on the .gov site it says everyone has a right to manage their own money IF competent. Me & my payee believe I am & I have past experience with my own finances from when I lived alone & worked & paid bills on my own.

In my case being able to handle my money would nullify my legitimate disability

Why do you say that ?

Because im supposed to need help dressing myself , accommodations that make work easyier, basically im supposed to be the village idiot😂. So, if i can manage my own money all the stuff i filled out on the forms to get ssdi would be untrue

Not if your condition has improved enough for you to manage your own finances, some of us improve while others not so much.

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I believe I did it by phone… is that normal? I should probably check in with social security anyway. it’s been too long since I touched base with them.

Yeah i would find a social security worker and ask them. They would be pretty straight up about it I think. Just say your asking theoretically

I plan to ask my dr first what she thinks about the idea cause without her none of that is possible you must get your dr on board with the idea. Lucky for me I have been stable for a while so she might go along with it, I have a drs appointment friday so I will report back what she says about it.

Anyone else with experience doing it ?