SSDI interview

So, I have my SSDI interview on Thursday. Has anyone here been through this before? What should I expect? I’m really nervous.

It’s been a while since I’ve been through one, the game might have changed… I was interviewed for about an hour. My doc was on the phone with us during this interview, and an “Advocate” was there. So were my parents with all the legal forms and admission papers and stuff like that. Once I got this job, I ended up on their insurance. I would never in a million years suggest this for ANYONE, but for me personally, I gave up my SSI benefits so I could work more hours and get this job.

But I found a bit of this…

I found some other links too, but when I tried to post them over, they stopped working.
You could Google… SSDI interview.

Good luck.

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hope it goes well, take some deep breaths and try and relax.
take care

Its today at 2pm, I’m so nervous. I barely slept last night and can’t eat anything today. I really need this to go well because I need the help financially. The thing I’m worrying most over is the date you became disabled. I’m not sure what to say. I haven’t been able to work for about a year and a half because it got so disabling. But I wasn’t diagnosed until December I think. I kept thinking I’d bounce back to my old self and its been a hard road coming to terms with that I might not ever be that person again. I used to define myself by my work. I ran my own business and worked 60+ hours a week which I now realize may have led to my recent psychosis. I can’t do that again, working part time is my goal for the future. I want to enjoy life and be happy with what I do. Sorry for the long monologue.

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I am going through this myself, you and I sound alike. good luck today. Mine is under Dr review.

I am stressed out taking a lessor job because I’m so educated. I’m stressed out taking a job in my area of expertise because it’s just stressful work. I’m stuck now it seems, not sure what to do.

I know what you mean. I’ve sort of resigned myself to menial jobs for a while until I get my nursing degree. Just trying to find meaning in the little things and do the jobs that I can to the best of my ability. Then I hope to volunteer work or go part time as an RN. I won’t finish for another 2 years but time may make the difference. Hopefully I’ll be better able to handle stressors and stay med-compliant.


how did your interview go?

I bet you’ll make that. At first I was in no way able to handle a full time job. The more I healed and got stronger in body, the mind started to heal more as well. I have a long ways to go, but each year I can do more then the year before.

It just takes time. Be kind to yourself. You’ll get there.

It went well. The SS guy that interviewed me was very cool and put me at ease. Now its just the waiting game for about 4 months.

I talked to social security today. mine is in physician review. is this your initial request? or was your initial request denied?

This was my initial request. If I’m denied my care coordinator works with an attorney who works for free or little cost for the appeal hearing. My pdoc and T think I’ll get it, I have enough paperwork, hospitalizations and whatnot to back my case up. Will you have to meet with the physician? When my dad got his state disability he had to meet with a state doctor.

I’ve been hospitalized 4 times myself. Like I said I talked to SS today. What is a ‘T’?

Its short for therapist.

when I talked to SS today, she said my application was going to a psychologist for review. She also asked me about my previous job, where I was doing IT support for a healthcare system and expected to support 500,000+ lab orders per year with just another employee, and we were to assigne the work, somehow to an outside vendor.

I looked at that and had another psychotic episode.

I feel like I sound like mortimer mouse, but it’s the truth, that was the expectation for my job, plus come in 3rd shift if they wanted me to, otherwise work 1st shift.

For my initial application, I had 2 years worth of medical records sent in. Plus, I had my psych write a letter certifying me as totally disabled and detailing my functional limitations.

Social Security pays a lot of attention to your daily functioning and how well you can perform your ADLs (activities of daily living). So it’s important to document those, like me psych did for me.

I’ve only heard of a few people having to see a SS appointed psych. And that’s usually only when your primary psych’s notes aren’t detailed enough about your symptoms and functional limitations.

It can be a daunting process. But there are several things you can do to win!




I have 2 years worth too unfortunately, I did not have a psych write a letter yet. thank you. Blessings to you too

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