I am not sure that my paranoia will fade away just by going out

Its a good thing, i went out today with my mom in the center for half an hour. But it gets bad always… More i am outside, more paranoid i feel. I try so hard to calm myself down but i feel bad outside. I am not sure that its just up to get used to be outside. Maybe when you have an illness like that its up to something else that will help us… I hate my paranoia, i speak quietly to my mom outside or i even stop speaking cause i feel that others will see that i am crazy… WTF? I will pray that meds will help me one day…

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Sup princess …what are u doing right now. .its good to hear that u are feeling happy…
Keep rocking.


Give em six weeks. If your not doing better then it’s time to hit up your treatment team about increasing or changing.

It’s not rocket science but it’s definitely an art for psychiatrists! There’s so much variation in our engaging in medication.

Trust me. Medication in the key! Take the pills and move from there…things will improve and if they aren’t then you need to tell your treatment team!



Its been a year that I am on my meds @rogueone!!! My docs dont want to switch my meds anymore cause ive done it for 7 years and I respond only on Zyprexa… My pdoc is saying that sometimes it takes years for a med to work but its nobody’s case here… I guess my paranoia is strange…


Paranoia is a cruel master. It’s so hard to put it into words and even that doesn’t help!

Seriously. I’m a classical paranoid schizophrenic and that paranoia does my head in! It prevents me from working and doing a lot of normal things.

It’s always about function versus side effects. That is a key for me.

I’m aggressive and I’ll try anything…but often that is an achilles heal!

For instance. I moved off of effexor as an antidepressant and tried other things…now it’s the only thing that does wonders but I moved from what was a decent dose at 50mg’s to a crazy dose at 300 mg’s …that is my life!

It’s such a struggle sometimes.


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Do you think that time is on our side? At least I am less dumb now that I am on meds wow :slight_smile: My meds helped me a bit after a year. But my paranoia doesn’t get a lot better, I dont know why. Maybe I really need time? If I had more ‘‘sane’’ and logical thinking I would activate more I find… But I still have a strong inner dialogue who drains my energy. But its okay. I find worse my paranoia. its not a life to feel like a monster outside or like a sick person, I am fed up by this…

hey Anna1

It’s a marathon it aint a sprint!

You do what you have to do and you get by. I’d say feeling less dumb is better…I feel so much more dumbed down but my meds work well…saying that i sleep 12 hours a day and even the cat has more energy!

Watch that inner voice. Often can be symptomatic. I’ve been there and yeah it works well for times but having an inner voice which comments on things is a prime symptom. Might need a med adjustment.

I’m a punter on the internet. You need to talk to your treatment team about these things…

Please people I’m not a doctor!

A friend in the struggle,


Ok thank you, dont get mad. Ill make it eventually one day. I dont have more symptoms now than before my meds. I am ill since too long in fact. I lived with this inner voice since 17 years I find, even more… I dont think I need a trt adjustment, ive tried a lot of meds… I know its a symptom but ill get over my inner voice too one day I hope :slight_smile:

Rogueone you my hero dude

But do you think people its relatively normal to not see disappearing my paranoia even after an year? is it a tough symptom to relieve?

It can be hard to get rid of paranoia. But I really think that going out often and maybe trying therapy will help you.

I have the same doubts, my doctors think that going out is therapeutic but it doesn’t seem to help…

Me too @zeno, me too I still go out just sometimes… And it doesn’t help me to go out more often :/. Did you live in isolation too? for how long? Me, I live lie that since 17 years…
other than that I felt dumb right now after speaking to my mom. even my sister seems to think about me that I am dumb. ok, I am too negative right now but in the past my sister called me a zombie, gosh…Here is what happens when you are at the bottom… I really cant think well the most of the time and the result is that I feel my brain, I dont know if you can see what I talk about. its a strange feeling to feel your brain in your head…

My doc gets really pissed off with me when I say I have problems going out. He doesn’t let me make any allowances for my illness.


@Anna1 I lived in isolation (within my family’s house) in the past for 2 years (I was 17 too and I wasn’t able to attend school anymore).
I go out twice a week because I have to and it is always a torture (mainly because I feel that everyone is watching me but the paranoia is starting to hurt as well).
I have discovered that I feel this way only when I’m around normies, while I’m comfortable being with elders or other psychiatric patients.
I’m a zombie too and also my relatives think that I’m ‘dumb’, I don’t feel my brain but I feel that there is something abnormal in my head.

@Jimbob Modern medicine thinks that our goal should be social reintegration while I think that it is impossible, I would prefer to be in an asylum doing some socially useful work then to be here wasting time, fighting against my feelings and my body because they think that I should try hard to be a normie among normies.

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Sorry you’re feeling like that. If going out is making you feel paranoid just try to tell yourself everything will be ok and you have people who care about you.

It feels very uncomfortable, but it also doesn’t get better by staying alone.

I would say, try as much as you can tolerate. Be kind to yourself, but also step a bit outside your comfort zone.