I am not mentally Ill, I am simply " Flawed in a beautiful way "

I am not mentally Ill, I am simply " Flawed in a beautiful way "


Hell, schizophrenia doesn’t bother me. It’s the character defects that are screwing up my life.

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I don’t have an illness. I’m not waiting for a cure. I was born with deficits, differences and disabilities that no one can take away, but that I’ve learned to cope with more and more.
As a result, I have a unique perspective that other people don’t have. I take the bad with the good and I don’t want it taken away. I just don’t want to suffer so much… it gets better as I get older.


You’ve been gifted :wink:

Someone told me that when I first became unwell… Glad I didn’t tell them about hearing voices!


I think that the severity of the illness determines your approach.
The more damage schizophrenia does to you and the less the current treatments help you,
the more eager you are for a cure and better treatments.
I myself am eager for a cure or better treatments for cognitive symptoms in particular.

I’m not flawed in a beautiful way, I am simply " Mentally ill".


I don’t see how Sza gives me any sort of useful advantage.

I know,

I would love to think that,

But the fact is, thinking that I am gifted or anything other than mentally ill feeds my delusions and I start believing that everything is real.


Happy some of us are able to view life this way,

I just can’t, for the sake of what little sanity I have left.


Well I was thinking how flawed I am but some of my flaws are beautiful things to me. Even if they are not an advantage in any way I view the beauty in myself as something real. I have to work harder to do certain things, and that’s a beautiful thing. Sorry I am in a peachy kind of mood today.

I walk into stores and everyone is so nice to me lately. Not sure why but I set a good impression. I ask this guy for water he’s like SURE and I’ll bring it to you at the yogurt bar and everyone has been super nice and its put me in a good mood.


Schizophrenia: The gift that just keeps on giving.

This reminds me of that song that I like, the one that goes “I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell

I don’t think it is a beautiful flaw…it is a flaw that is often very painful and debilitating to me…

Nawww. I’m mentally ill and flawed in an ugly way.