Every character has a flaw and ours is sz

normies have a flaw, too. We just don’t know what it is.

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flawed, yes…by society. I try not to define myself by my illness anymore. I want more out of life. I am ignoring my illness from now on.


That’s very positive of you, jukebox. I still feel as though sz is with me all the time.

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I don’t see how a medical illness is a character flaw.


Maybe I’m to the point where I can see some choice in my behavior.

I agree. I have many flaws actually, but schizophrenia is a disease to me. I used to beat myself up so much about it and think I was a bad person over it.

The whole idea of character flaws is highly controversial as is the diagnosis most linked to such supposed flaws ie personality disorder.
In essence it’s psychologists/psychiatrists choosing to be the arbiters of what is or isn’t within the realms of a normal personality . A lot of subjectivity, as opposed to objectivity, goes into that process.

Everyone is flawed. There is no perfection.

Mental illnesses are not character defects.

There are those that argue that a mental illness is just a variation of normal, i.e. neurodivergence. Not that I agree with it, but it exists.

I consider mental challenges like dumbo ears… In life we can find strength in what was a weakness at one time… Its just like alcoholics helping another alcoholic… If you guys weren’t here with your valuable experience (big ears :grinning:) my life would be more sad… And I feel I’ve found many opportunities from being a big eared mental case :grinning: I count my blessings and in a sense of overcoming challenges in our human experience mental challenge is an asset and a blessing…

For me mental illness occurs with distress and/or loss of functioning,be it occupationally or socially. It is not merely about deviating from a societal norm. Eccentricity and mental illness are not automatically interchangeable .

illness is by definition an anomaly so you can run with that if you will, but I prefer to think we are all ‘normal’. Who can honestly judge who is flawed, and who is not?

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My sentiments exactly.

Normal is boring. I’m awesome.


We all perceive the world and reality differently, and since the human conscious cannot yet be quantified for what it is, how can we be totally sure that our perception is truly flawed at all. We are all normal to ourselves, only when we compare to our perception of others do we untimately feel flawed. Not a character flaw i think, just a flaw in our perception of ourselves and others, and the world around us. But if that is the world we experience, can it truly be “wrong” or fundamentally “flawed”. We are who we choose to be by choosing how we react to our perception of reality.

What annoys me about the neurodivergency perspective is that it leaves no room for questioning one’s thoughts, assuming “oh this is just a variation of normal”, “I don’t belong to the consensual reality”, “all perceptions are different” leaves no room for recovery. If we all thought our thoughts and experiences while psychotic were real, there would be no use for medicine, this site, or any support system that didn’t envolve us being trown to the streets for innability to function eventually.

There are people that function without medication, but they assume to be part of the consensual reality


But @Minnii all perceptions are different, but i dont think that doesnt leave room for recovery. I meant it as more of how we percieve ourselves as “flawed” when we compare to neurotypicals, when in fact it may be that altered perception possibly making us feel inadequate when we in fact may be stronger in more ways than them we just are not perceiving ourselves in that manner, thus altering our reality of who we really are and whether we are in fact “flawed” or “more special” or whether there is a difference other than how we percieve it to be. Not that delusions should be explained as divergent perspectives, or that one shouldnt belong to the concentual reality because we all should. Just that our perceptions should and do vary slightly within that concentual reality which has an effect on our worldview and our self view, only as we relate to others in functionality and what we may percieve as normal functioning, when in fact the only reality that we know is of normal functioning because we are in fact experiencing it. who are we to determine that we ourselves or anyone else is “flawed”. We may determine that someone does not align with the consentual reality but no one should be able to determine that they themselves nor anyone else is fundamentally “flawed” in character, in behavior yes, but not in character. Do you get my point or am i just rambling nonsense?!? Lol.

I get your point.

We have a sense of right and wrong, and we judge (we can judge without being judgemental), the idea that we shouldn’t form opinions about others is very neat ideally but it’s not realistic, people do stuff, good and bad, and we have to decide wether we want it close to us or not, hence the judging. If it’s in a person’s character or in the person’s behavior is a matter that doesn’t concern us that much, just to the point where we gather information about the person to our own little mind files…

As mentally ill, or because the mental illness, we are not flawed. That’s that, I won’t even discuss it.
The idea of neurodivercity is another matter entirely:

I’ve seen a lot of people coming here saying they’re just different, and that they live well without proper care when we clearly see that they don’t, and that they don’t need a cure, bothers me. How things can influence us in a negative way, bothers me.

But as people, individuals, we’re all flawed.

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Flawed or just imperfect? Are they the same. As people we are imperfect.but does that make us flawed. I.guess that just depends on ones personal definition of “flawed”. I see it with a high negative connotation of being more than just imperfect, but being almost defective in a way. I wouldnt send back something that was imperfect, because things rarely are. But something defective, flawed in my way of thinking, would most definitely get marked “return to sender”. But i guess thats all still just a matter of perception and what one truly percieves flawed to mean to them.

I love our back and forths that we get into now and then @Minnii, keeps me sharp!!!

Id also be curious what @flybottle might have to say on this.

I was also speaking on more philosophical terms than actual accounts of people in the forum.

Our bodies function in perfection, even our aesthetic asymetries make us perfect. We’re flawed, in the moral and righteous way :slight_smile:

Any time, gotta go now.

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Pretty sure flawed and imperfect mean exactly the same thing, dude…