I am not ill?

oh i am sad?
i am not ill
i take meds thats not for me
voices r not voices they r real people telepathy me via somehow
believe me i am not ill
should i take meds or not ?


I’ve been hospitalized over twenty times. Most of the time I was taken to the hospital in handcuffs in a policeman’s car. I fought my commitment in court several times and lost every time. Even now, I wonder if I am not really sick, and I don’t need the med’s.


Take med brosky…??? U need them…!!! Holy cow…!!


Yes you are ill and you need to take meds because these voices aren’t telepathy but hallucinations.


I struggled with accepting that I was really sz for many years. Even after about 3-4 years of being in and out of local hospitals and 2 years straight in a couple of long-terms, I went about two years more on meds and then quit.
I’m pretty sure it took about two years before I decided to get help again. Although I managed to get by without meds and stayed out of the hospital, I got very sick and was very symptomatic. It was my longest and worst period of psychosis. And even after I started my meds again, it seems like it took a very long time for my symptoms to fade to where I wasn’t convinced that what I had experienced and continued to experience was real.
I hope that you will stay on your meds. And that you will find the insight to realize that you have an illness that requires treatment for the rest of your life or until your psychiatrist tells you it is safe to be weaned off the meds.


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