Sometimes I feel mental illness isn't real

I should know better I have experienced it first hand. But I tell people and they’re like it’s all in your head. I can snap out of it. And it makes me feel that all that I am feeling and thinking is all my fault.

I feel the same, especially when the thoughts in my head are not mine, and the voice tells me I am faking it, that I am a hypocrite and a liar.

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I’m glad someone can see where I’m coming from.

ish, please don’t stop taking your meds…you too saadiquah…you need your meds to feel sane…feeling sane is better than voices and depression…take your meds please !!

Sometimes the voices tell me that the illness isn’t real that its normal and that I’m faking to get attention. But I have been trying to ignore them knowing they are wrong. I would prefer if no one knew about my illness but unfortunately my doctors obviously know, my partner knows and my partner’s parents know I try not to draw attention to myself when I’m having a bad day.

Sure, you can argue it isn’t real and it’s in your head but hospitals, and needing to talk to psychiatrists is very real.

Thanks for the concern Jukebox, I am taking them now.

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of course its all in your head or it would be reality…meds do help though, sometimes they help a lot, other times I wonder why I bother taking them. But like my psych. doc tries to explain it to me your body gets adjusted to the medications, and either it straighten your mind out for the better or you may need to take more to get where you want to be.

I think that’s part of what led to my last really bad relapse. My body got too used to the amount of drugs I was on and it got to the point where it wasn’t helping any more, and that’s why I’m on more drugs now. I’m afraid to tell her how much my problems are still continuing. Sure the bad days are really bad, but the good days are good. I can manage. I know I don’t always come off of it ,like I can but I do. I haven’t done anything stupid yet.I have little tools and steps to do to manage.