I am mad at my brother!

The back stabbing, conniving, rotten little BAST*RD!!!

He convinced me to put two of my three dogs in his care for the day “to give yourself a break since no one will be home and you will just worry”…Then after I am at work I get a call from my mother, who says SHE got a call from my brother’s case manager who is says she is going to have ALL my dogs taken from me because my brother was ‘in tears after being dumped with his brother’s dogs without notice and told to watch them or get his ass kicked’!!!

So now I may lose my dogs because my family is trying to ruin my life. I told them one of the biggest reasons I wouldn’t move into the mental health apartments was because I wouldn’t be able to have my dogs. So this is their plan! I told the bitch who threatened me that if I lose my dogs all the pain and death will be on HER head!

Sounds like there was some mis-communication. Why don’t you try to understand what happened before you jump to conclusions.

Talk to your brother and try to understand what happened.

Before you do it think about what jail would be like. Has your brother always been bad to you? Can you remember a more pleasant time with him? There are consequences for you actions. I agree with the SzAdmin. that you need to talk this out with your brother but first deal with your anger and find a constructive way to release it possibly through exercise or physical labor.


my family is trying to force me into moving into an assisted living community, where dogs are not allowed. My mom told me flat out to dump my GF because ‘shes just gonna break your heart’…

These issues have been ongoing for years. My family thinks me living in public is shameful, they were happiest when I was in the middle of psychosis and locked up in my room for weeks on end.

They told me flat out this is a good opportunity to get rid of the stress of owning dogs. They also told me to quit my job because it isn’t ‘healthy for a schizophrenic to be working’.

I tried to talk with them but they wont listen!

EDIT: me and my brother talked about this or THREE WEEKS!!!

Do you have SSI income? You could hire an attorney. I hope you get your dogs back soon.

i have SSDI until May… and they haven’t taken the dogs yet, only threatened to.

I told my mother flat out if she keeps this up I will take her and my older siblings off my health care plan, which she makes too much to get state funded insurance, but not enough to buy her own. She said I wouldn’t dare…

My GF’s dad IS a lawyer and he is offering to represent me if it comes to that, but he encourages me to find an out of court solution, since it could cost me a fortune in fees, even if he works for free.

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No dog is worth going to prison for.

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maybe not to you, bu these things run a certain way where I am. First they take the dogs…then they take the kids…then they lock you up against your will and take away all your rights because you are ‘too ill’ to be aware of them or use them properly.

This is what almost happened to my mom when HER mother found out her bi polar, she told me when I was younger it was the worst thing anyone had done to her, and how she would never wish it on another, and yet here she is, doing it to me!

Also they are acting like my brother is devastated over this, but he is a clinical sociopath who once successfully convinced an entire BOARD of health professionals he was low functioning autistic, just because he wanted to take naps in the afternoon at school. He has never harmed an animal, but I was an idiot to think he would be any different with family than he is with others.