I am losing out

All my cousins,my brother has got a university degree,one has got a college certificate while I am only a Secondary/high school O level holders,i seem to be stupid…I work for my parent and they promised me they would helped me out.They did as they promised,provide me with food and shelter and also pay for my medication…but I seems to be missing something in my life

I am working out daily,going to work daily,taking my medication…everything should be okay,just feel i am still not achieving something,…

It’s not your fault man. Thankfully the world is understanding, in most cases, when illness strikes.

It’s never to late man. You can still accomplish these things.


You are still young, you can achieve these educational intentions, just have enough courage, as my Master’s thesis adviser in America said in the beginning of the 1990s, without courage all other values are meaningless.

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I was prodromal schizophrenic for a long time. Always just a little bit different but gravitated towards different people. I don’t regret that one bit!

I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 29. Failed most high school but matriculated to university and failed there…went into the factory scene and warehousing for years busting my ass with working for the man/woman! I don’t regret that a bit!

Took me a long time to get to grips with being schizophrenic. I’m slower. I’m definatley dumber. My mind doesn’t work as well. I sleep 12 hours a day and that is problematic and thus I no longer work. I’m divorced and at 44 live with my parents…but the cat and I do better than most…I don’t regret that a bit!

Seriously. I look at a family member with Parkinsons. I’m glad I missed that.

I look at people who I know who are so called successful with life …but I did what I had to do and I’ve lived a life and will continue to do so. >>>I use a saying . It’s based on all that Eastern crappolla but ultimately You get rid of expectation and you get rid of a lot of the problems of life!

Yeah. Others do well but they don’t have schizophrenia. You do and are punching way above your weight so to speak. Have a look at these boards and see what others have to do and who are doing their best! What are you missing out on? Life? Could be a lot worse! I’d hate to develop alzhiemers …I’d hate to have cancer…I have schizophrenia and that is burden enough…but that doesn’t define me…what does is who and what I hang out with…It’s the people I know and interact with. It’s the family I am involved with. Aren’t those things important?

There’s some stock in practical methods of psychology. There’s some stock for me in Eastern thought. I like Taoism. Life is what it is and it’s hard to define but it’s a process of living! I’d say get rid of expectation! So you didn’t make a degree…it’s not that your stupid in this world …most of us didn’t…it’s that old saying…is it a glass half full, or is it a glass half empty…I tend to think it’s the half full that is more to my liking!

Regret is wasting energy on what could have been. I could have won the lotto millions of time. I could have been a rocket scientist in another world but in this world I use my energy to be the best I can be!

That is worthy of your endeavour. Get rid of useless regret!

A friend,



Thanks for your comment,i think I am a little down recently…regrets and fear is covering much of me…

One thing that my doc always repeat to me is: do not compare yourself to others! If you really think about that,it has sense :comparing yourself with someone better than you brings nothing but frustration and sucks your energy away. Mind your own small steps… i know how it’s like,i’ve been killing myself day by day.

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dont compare yourself to others…its another bad habit of mine.
education isnt everything.
you can always teach yourself something through online tutorials etc., you may have missed out on uni lifestyle…but tbh it isnt all its cracked upped to be. think of this way, whislt these people are getting in debt, you are earning money and experience. even with a degree you are not guaranteed to find a job straight away.

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