I am kinda scare

Recently it just let me know that one people who is working besides our workplace is mentally ill and is 42 years old but don’t have a family and looks like doesn’t have friends either

I am 24 this year,zero experience in romantic relationship,I really look forward into one but the thing is I am just too anxious infront of people(man/woman),and I really have very negative thinking which would make me unpopular infront of people…

Guys,would I probably end up single my whole life and not enter even one relationship?i am so scare about this,I really want a relationship with someone,just a average looking,I don’t her financial rich or poor,my requirement is low,I need to think positively and be more independant and happy.

When I meet people I mostly think a lot and find it hard to speak up,■■■■ I need positivity

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Practice makes perfect. Try to be social in tiny baby steps. A little more each time you meet someone.

But who knows. Maybe you’ll meet the right person and you have no problems being social? That happened to me and my husband. It’s like we’ve always been a couple.

Don’t put too much effort into worrying about it, when the right person comes along, you will be like, “that’s it” and things will work themselves out.
Forced things arnt usually the best things.

I never had a boyfriend until 20years old, then when I did, we married 4months later.

don’t be so hard on your self, or put undue pressure on when a relationship should happen.
the opposite sex can scense desperation a mile away.
always be kind and attentive, open doors , be chivalrous.
maybe get some hypnotherapy to help with your confidence.
put positive pieces of paper around where you live saying, ’ i am positive ’ ’ i am strong ’ etc…
you are not destined to be alone, believe in your self, and be patient
take care.