I am just so sad

It has been three weeks since the death of my father and I just feel so sad, I am glad I can talk about my feelings with a psych doc soon, I am just feeling so sad although some time has passed.

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Sorry @mjseu, but it’s going to take a year to get over your loss.

:frowning: My condolences. That sounds really rough to deal with.

You have my sympathy @mjseu. Hopefully in time you will feel a little better.:disappointed_relieved:

I’m so sorry for your loss. Be easy on yourself. Losing a loved one is really hard.

My condolences, @mjseu,

Give yourself time and allow yourself to grieve.

I lost my Uncle last June. Still haven’t got over it.
Stay strong. I am sure he would want you to be happy and to engage with life.

I am sorry for your loss @mjseu.
It’s going to take some time.

My condolences, @mjseu .

I lost my father 29 years ago, and the sadness does subside over time.

It never truly goes away. You can move, volunteer, whatever, but it never completely goes away.

And that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because it makes sure you never forget him. And you don’t want to forget him, do you?

@mjseu I’m sorry for your loss. I remember you posting that you regularly visited your father in the nursing home over recent years. I am sure your father appreciated and took comfort in your visits. It will be an adjustment for you to not have these regular visits with your father. Grieving is a natural process and will take time. Take care of yourself!


So sorry @mjseu

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