The forum has become more quiet

I have not been here so much for one month due to my father’s death and other personal issues, today I came here and the forum seems to be more quiet than before this January, maybe I am wrong , maybe not.


How have I coped with my father’s death, well after these three weeks, I am starting to feel quite ok, life goes on and we live …


The number of posts per day are up from the same time last year and the graph is still pointing upwards.

I am so sorry about your dad. :frowning: That must be tough.


Im sorry for your father @mjseu.
Mine too passed away, its been six years now.
And my grandma died yesterday.
Deaths are sad. I know how you feel.


Thanks @Sarad ,although it has been three weeks already, it just feels so sad,


I have a new psych doc and we met a day after my father’s death, it was tough, I am going to have another psych meeting shortly, I must say I have not been able to go over my father’s death yet, it takes some time, I just was so close to my father.

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How old he was?
I haven’t seen my father 30 days before his death and we weren’t in good relationship at the time. I can’t say how awful it feels to not be able to go back in time and talk to him…
If you were able to be good to your father that is really big. Im sure they are peacefully sleeping now.

I don’t want to make propaganda but here in iran we start to make our deads happy by going to their grave and talking to them and helping poor’s to make their souls happy, we don’t believe that death is the end,
As you told me somewhere that you know how to read Quran, probably you are familiar with these things,

We believe that they are waiting for us to remember them and give them happiness by doing charities instead of them hoping god give them his mercy and make them happy,
So you can do these things for your father if you like,


Muslims here have a different tradition, since we were for centuries lived together with Catholic and Ortodox communities. It is common to welcome people in the house and give them to eat, make coffee and stuff, we go to the mosque and pray tawhid…and it is common to pray some surah from Quran for the dead… but it is a sad occasion overall.

And @mjseu I wasn’t feeling well at least 4 months after he died…i stopped going to the classes and I was very depressed. I think its a normal process of grieving.

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Very sorry about the loss of your dad, @mjseu. :heart:

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