I have not been here for a while

I have not been here for three weeks, I am feeling quite ok, how are you feeling?


Yeah good matey. What have you been up too?

I’ve been suspended for 2 weeks and took 1 and a half weeks off voluntarily. The forum hasn’t changed much.

Not much, my father died and this was sad, now I am feeling quite ok.


Sorry for your loss. It’s never easy but taking some time to get through things was probably a good thing. I’m getting well into middle age now. Many of my relatives are older and realistically we can’t go on forever. Not looking forward to losing anyone.

I’m sorry you have lost your dad, @mjseu. No wonder you disappeared for a while. You are welcome on this forum. I saw a lot of new members as well as old members posting and supporting each other. This forum is great!.

I love you @mjseu !!!

I am extremly sorry to hear about ur dad loss …!!!
May god gives u Strength to overcome this loss…

Mj i am glad u are taking part in this forum again …!!


Oh I’m so sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry that your dad passed away @mjseu. Even though he maybe couldn’t communicate directly with you in recent months, I’m sure he appreciated and took comfort in your regularly visiting him in the nursing home. Take care!

Good to see you around again.:blush:

You seem like a very good son visiting your father.

Good to read that you are feeling ok after such a big loss.

I find it devistating the thought of/to lose a loved one.

I have some loved ones that have died and I still live them and pray for them.

I appreciate seeing you around the forum and thank you for the nature pictures you post on your bike rides.

Hope you will keep up the bike rides and photography and that you will feel loved and have support .


Still love :two_hearts: them…

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