I am feeling happy just thought i'd share

it’s so much better to be happy than depressed. I am so glad I have found some inner happiness and peace.



its a nice morning here :slight_smile: sun is shining :sunny:

glad your happy

it is sunny and warm here too.
hope you have many more happy days to come

Glad you are happy maybe some will rub off on me!

mmmmm. delicious warm weather even if it rains.

family coming for the weekend holiday.

excitement is in the air here.


NO squats today! Too sore and set a personal record last tuesday so Im gonna watch anime and movies all day and eat lotta protein. I need to like chill the phuck out Ive been making myself stressed out by doing retarded ■■■■ like joining a competitive powerlifting team on two tranquilizers and a beta blocker, getting into arguments with everyone there and then having to go apologize to all of them. I need to learn to enjoy the summers and not phuck everything up like that. I mean what the hell

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Wish I could maintain happiness for a while - Glad to hear you are feeling good judy :smiley:

That’s great that you’re feeling happy!

Im happy that youre happy!

Congratulations on being happy. It’s good to hear someone is today. I’m having a rough day myself. But enjoy it. It’s fleeting.

I felt better today than I did yesterday.

sorry to read nick that you are having a rough day. here’s hoping this morning, Tuesday, is bringing you some “sunshine”.

hugs, judy

Thanks. I will be busy tomorrow so I won’t be TOO unhappy.

keeping busy. what a wonderful idea.

my problems in life floor me.

how do you overcome this? and keep busy?


I just have a few appointments. And some schoolwork. I have a lot of free time.

I spend a whole lot of time ruminating? (is that the right word for thinking and thinking over and over again on problems, etc.)

I think this goes with our disease.