I am feeling depressed

I have kept a list of people who have died and whom I have known since I came back from the USA in 2002. Now there are 51 names in this list. This all makes me depressed, I am glad I have a psych meeting soon and I can talk about my feelings and emotions.


I hope I’m not on whatever list you have ! :astonished:

I am just keeping this list of people whom I have known in my real life. No SZ members can be in this list because the SZ members are digital.

I am currently too tired and too depressed to be here on the forum, maybe tomorrow is a better day.


Ok. Sorry @mjseu .

It is okay, I am trying to cheer up myself a little, Does anybody know how I could cheer up?

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Watch some stand up comedy on youtube ?

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That is a good suggestion, but now I am just too tired.

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I’ll be back tomorrow, now I just try to get some sleep, I think that sleeping might help. I just feel depressed now.

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