I am just so depressed today

I am really depressed and sad today. I know how much I have lost and what other people have and I do not have. Today I am feeling that I do not want to exist any longer on this earth. I just became so depressed. As an old man in @Sarad 's Sarajevo video said ‘dream no dreams’, I have no dreams any longer and I feel I have lost my happiness. Sorry that I am like this today …


cheer up mj u are a cool guy…!!!

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@mjseu I am so sorry for you.
Life is not so easy.
Try to exercise as it can lift your mood.
Try having a pet.
Try perhaps to find an appropriate partner your age.
Try to find meaningful things to do, try to develop hobbies.
Eat healthy.
I send you my love,


It is easier said than done, living I mean, today I just feel that I do not want to exist any longer. I have not felt in this way for a long time or even after I had tried to commit suicide with a razor blade years ago, but today I feel like that. I know it would be so easy me to exit this life, but I try to live although it is so depressing and sad.

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I don’t have mood problems but I don’t want to live…
I feel I have no choice but to continue…
I don’t mind medications or cure…
Don’t want to live…
Edit: I want to get healthy…
Want to live as healthy person…
I feel getting brainwashed by hostile forces…

My medications have antidepressant qualities. Without them I am so depressed. For some people it passes, if you don’t have a history of depression you could come out of it and go back to normal. My grandfather had major depression toward the end of his life, he became unresponsive and stopped eating. Mental illness was always in my family. Depression and schizophrenia are connected.

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Hang in there, @mjseu. You’re such a lovely person.
I have days like that too, but it’s always s cycle and I always come back. Do something nice for yourself. Go out and take pictures like you do of your beautiful town.

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The change of season might affect your mood…it happens to me.
Hey thanks for watching that video I appreciate it. You’re a good dude @mjseu
Have you considered getting a dog or cat so you could have the most adjustable friend in the world? :slight_smile:

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No wonder you are depressed, watching a depressing video about bosnia…

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@mjseu , you’ve got to keep fighting. Don’t let a bad day get you down.

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:sunny: incredible by future.

Find something to do please. Distraction works. Work on something you’re capable of. Make some friend and talk about the news in the paper. It’ll get easier if you talk to somebody a little bit every few days. You need a little more social interaction.

Yeah that’s how people get depressed. We watch bad news and sad movies and then we get depressed.

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Sorry to hear you’re feeling so down @mjseu Spring is just around the corner so hopefully that helps improve your mood. Also, maybe you can start planning for getting a new bike, like figure out what model bike you’d like to get. Then, before you know it, it’ll be bicycle weather. :sunny: :tulip: :sunflower::bicyclist:

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=( it is not true…

In reality - you know how people feel depressed, even the ones who have everything (whatever that is for you)

A bad day only lasts 24 hours or less if you have a goodnight sleep.

I am finally feeling a whole lot better and you will too, you know. It just fluctuates. Good and bad days… Just listen to some happy music… have some ice cream… summer is around the corner… go for a bike ride… take some new pictures… Life is short… so just focus on being happy

I feel depressed too. I’ve been thinking about suicide every day now for four or five years now, however long it has been since I was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia. it doesn’t help that I worry that I’m going to hell when I die. I try to listen to Christian music to get me through the day, and it helps that I have a good family and a psychologist i see twice a month. my situation has been getting better but the suicidal thoughts are just there regardless. while i was driving I thought about what if I speed up to 90 mph and intentionally crash into the center divider on the highway? of course i thought about it later, thinking that if I end up physically crippled afterwards and not dead, then life would be much worse. I kept telling myself that if I didn’t get into another four year university after dropping out of the first one, then I would just end it, but i got in and the thoughts about suicide just won’t go away.

You have enough memories to last a lifetime. You’ve had more cool experiences than many people.

Don’t apologize, we all understand.

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Cheer up man. I have dreams but I don’t seem to be working toward them which is guess is something to be down about but you can always work in that direction. Think about something you would like. Poof that is your new goal or dream.

Unless you are talking about sleeping dreams. I don’t have those either but it doesn’t seem like that big of a problem. The last dream I had I was performing a sexual act on a guy. Then I woke up all like “what the hell what that”.

I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. That happens to me too every now and then. Sometimes it just seems more of a pain than a joy but then I have to remember that I am valuable and so are you. You are very valuable and the world is better with you in it. We care about you. I hope you feel better soon and I hope this thread lets you know you are loved.