I am dead inside

life is a disaster what do you think ?

"Inside my heart is breaking
My make up may be flaking
But my smile - still stays on!"


You always can learn something from a life crisis.


i dont know what i want to learn or be can not stick to one thing

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■■■■ life i hate it

It depends on what you like.

i like notyhing

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And what are you feeling?

disatisfaction of life

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You may be different, but when I feel like this it always passes eventually. These days when I feel like that I just wait for the good times to roll back around.


How old are you Alexei ?

Life is all about exploring. You can like something today and something entirely different tomorrow. Have you really tried everything?

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He was @ spooky before @Andrey

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Ah ok, my mistake !!

Spooky, you are so young. You have talent for drawing, imagination and you are such a nice guy.

Try to forget about the illness. I was dissatisfied with life too, when I thought about my illness all day long. Keep your mind busy with books or exercise or music or drawing. You will feel better soon :wink:


It’s just about surviving for me. That’s a good goal in itself though!

Hey! I remember when you posted your drawings here! They were all awesome! I stopped my Graphic Design college course because I couldn’t stand drawing anymore. I like to do it as a hobby, but not professionaly (I also think it’s a too introvert career). I don’t know if your case is the same of mine, but I enjoy group activities like playing indoor football and even martial arts. Interacting with people while doing an activity can be more rewarding because you do some teamwork. I’m a goalkeeper and, after the indoor football/soccer matches, I spend some time with the other players and friends to talk about the game or even things about life. Even if you are too much introvert, doing group activities makes you feel more alive. I used to hang out with artists and they are usually introverted people. Even though, they spent time with other people in order to do some group activities.

Playing video games is also a group activity, but instead of playing it online, it’s a nice idea to invite some friends to your basement.

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Well if they couldn’t kill me in high school and if 38 years of schizophrenia and four years of crack addiction couldn’t extinguish me than nothing can.

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”


Maybe try antidepressants. They helped me for a little while

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