I am dead I don’t enjoy things

I am dead I don’t enjoy things
Life is miserable four things
And joy
I can’t accept
I cannot accept it
It’s free to see wave is coming
And washing my head for free


The leaves fall. The birds rise. I compromise


I’m ok, but I’m not ok. I’m feeling ok but my brain feels numb. No positive symptoms atm. I’m still sedentary although the tiredness feels less.

I come and go around but not quite enjoying stuff, just like you.

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If your brain feels numb maybe a different AP. would help. Each.drug has it"s own characteristics.

I’m on the best so far. I did try Risperdal pills, Risperdal IMI, Clopixol Depot, Olanzapine and lastly Abilify. I feel improvement but my brain feels numb and dull.

My psychiatrist added a benzo prn and that seems to help alot with the anxiety that hijack my mind

@Kilimanjaro is that the old you? ( ex wallafish)

I wish I could tell you it gets better. Well maybe it will. You should believe in miracles spooky.

Don’t stop looking, is my advice. I felt like that, its been a two year journey since I started getting treated, and I feel like I’m finally in a place where I can have hope again. I just want you to keep searching.

Try diet, try Sarcosine, if you’re on a high dose, try lowering it to see if you can manage on less, if you’re on a low dose try ratcheting it up. If you aren’t improving, try swapping medicines, and make your goal to try to find the best for you.

The docs care, but they will not care as much as you can, so you gotta push them further, you gotta push yourself.

I felt like I didn’t have energy, I got sarcosine to work for me. Try cognitive threapy if you have positive symptoms.

Just keep trying.

I’m happy where I am, but I kept trying. Keep trying. Keep looking. Don’t give up on your passions our count them out just because right now you’re on a rough patch and they don’t interest you as much. You can get some of that passion back.

There aren’t perfect solutions, but there are things that will improve your life, and you need to keep going.

I feel kind od dead too. Its a real shitty feeling!!

No @Andrey, I’ve been fellowman since I joined this forum a couple of years back. @anon39015889 is from my Country and we are not the same member

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I’m dead but I enjoy things. I’ve been killed so many times that I make Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” look like an amateur.


Some day we get it right. Keep working on it and we all will be happy.

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My bad. I always assumed you two were one and the same person.


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