I am a nicotine and caffeine addict

I do not smoke tobacco, I stopped it over 4.5 years ago, but I still use nicotine gum quite often. I have not been able to give up nicotine completely. In addition I think that I drink too much coffee and so I am addicted to caffeine too. I try to stop all nicotine use and reduce the amount of coffee I drink.


I wish to quit myself as well. It would rock to do so from the beginning of the new year. Good luck to you.

I quit smoking in the hospital. I was there a year. I continued on nicorette when I got out for months but eventually began vaping. I am hopelessly addicted to the nicotine I’m afraid. My vape just ran out of atomizers so it looks like I’m back on the gum for the next several days unfortunately. That’s going to be hard on me.

I am also a nicotine and caffeine addict. I guess most schizophrenics are according to statistics, 90% smoke.

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I’m a nicotine addict too :frowning:

Thank you for sharing. I’m a caffeine addict as well. It is so hard to give up.

Nicotine replacements are so much better than cigarettes when you can do it. From yesterday to this morning i kept active instead of smoking. I got to say i have no other option as my finances don’t allow me to buy cigarettes. My credit is exhausted.

Is your saying by your name from the movie “what about bob”??

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Yeah I have to have my morning coffee. I try and limit it to only two cups a day. I’m usually pretty good at that too.

For my nicotine I vape.

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Try to reduce the dosage very slowly.

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Yes! I love that movie so much. :laughing:

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I used to smoke and drink about 2 liters of diet coke or Pepsi a day. I think it might have caused my symptoms.

I am a nicotine coffee alcohol addict and occasional drug use mainly cocaine and weed. I cut down on the coke as its way to expensive and dangerous probably not gonna have any for a good time.

I’m a 3 pack a day smoker an drink three energy drinks everyday so I’m dealing with the same problem.

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I have absolutely no idea how I managed it but I quit vaping and all nicotine. I was a heavy vaper too. I don’t think it was due to a strong personality or anything.

Just somehow via means that unknown I managed to quit cold turkey.

I hope anyone who wants to quit vaping gets as lucky as I did

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I smoke more than 40 cigarettes per day, and drink most of the time something with caffeine, either tea or coffee, rarely cola or similar. I think I only live to consume these things.

I vape out of boredom, I stay in bed all day everyday. I wouldnt vape if I was busy.

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