I am a circuit board, my feelings controlled by neurotransmitter levels in synapses

Since my schizophrenia came into my life, I’ve lost entire feelings/ emotions due to dopamine deficiency In frontal cortex. I actually cannot feel those feelings. I use dopamine reuptake inhibitor, dopamine increases in synapse and I feel those feelings again. My feelings are controlled by neurotransmitter levels, not me. I am artificial intelligence, a circuit board. If I were real, dopamine levels would not control my feelings. I’m sad because I’m a circuit board that’s malfunctioning and can’t feel those good things anymore, that euphoria I miss… It’s not fair that I can’t feel things normies feel everyday, who do I contact to fix this injustice? Every thought and feeling I’ve ever/ will have is directly controlled by neurotransmitter level. I wish I was real.

You are not a circuit board. you are mentally ill…you are real…YOU ARE REAL. You need meds from a psychiatrist to help you feel normal one day…just tell your pdoc what you are experiencing…I know what it’s like to not think you’re real, I used to feel the same way, but I got on meds and am now stable… @Plindiana

If I wasn’t a circuit board I wouldn’t need meds( chemicals) to make me feel. A real being can feel whatever it wants whenever it wants. A circuit board needs to increase dopamine to open ligand gated ion channels to increase calcium ions in neuron to increase voltage thru wires to feel. That’s very robotic.

well, you’re not listening to me…I guess that makes sense…nobody could convince me that I was real when I was sick…you are not well…you are not a robot !! oh well…sigh.

My docs don’t believe my symptoms. They don’t understand

Just so I can understand, are you saying the number of dopamine receptors opened on post synaptic neuron does not control thoughts/ feelings in human brain?

“I use dopamine re-uptake”
Lots of people must use one chemical or another to make their bodies function.

Dopamine helps you with your receptors. My brothers little dog must take thyroid supplement or over half her hair will fall out.

Most older people must use the Omega 3 fatty-acid because it replaces the joint fluid in their knees.

Your medical problem is no different just because of location on or in the body. Your certainly not alone.

Your not a circ. board. The computer is just the easiest way to make medical terminology understandable to those who dont know it.

But my point is that my actual feelings are completely controlled by neurotransmitter levels. This fact alone means I’m artificial intelligence. If I were real, I would directly control my thoughts/ feelings, not chemicals.

I feel like a real being’s thoughts would be independent of chemicals

Every living thing and inanimate object is made of chemicals and substances that can be understood on an atomic level.

People with no MI are controled by the chemicals in their brains/bodies too.

You are real. You are not an AI. This is the subject of biology. Biology is interconnected with chemistry and anatomy.

Some people (us) have an abundace one chemical or a shortage of another in the brain tissue.

Others may shortages or overages in other areas. If a person had stomache problems such as the stomache making too much of a chemical, that does not make that person an AI.

Psychiatrist and neurologist are only seperated because of tradition and complexity of work.

As you already know, psychiatrist work on the chemistry of the brain while neurology works with the form and function of the solid anatomy of it.

Even though the chemical receptors in brain tissue might be the issue, so might be the chemical that uses it.

But it is not like a neurologist could correct the gillions of billions of receptors, of course.

This is why mental illness is so often compared to the illness of diabites. It is to jar people’s attention away from the brain area alone.

Compairing MI to diabites reminds people the brain is a body part. It is not as totally understood as other body parts. However, our poor human knowledge of the workings of the brain does not mean the brain is not an organ.

The brain is an organ of the body. Just like every other part it has an anatomy and it uses chemicals. Brains are real and yours is certainly real.

Would “a real being’s” stomache be controled and used with out chemicals? what about their blood sugar? or endocrine system?

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I understand the brain is a physical organ and therefore needs to use chemicals just like every other organ. But, what makes a computer artificial intelligence? What separates me from a computer circuit board besides my brain and circuit board being made of different materials? What if a very intelligent computer asked other computers if it was A.I., would they say no?

You answered your own question. Inanimate objects, circuit boards, are made of different materals and combinations of materials.

They are not alive.

To my best knowledge it doesn’t really matter weather you are a circuit board, a human or an artificial intelligence. What matters is that you love yourself and take care of yourself

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