I always feel people are annoyed when I fancy them

Idk why.

Just get that feeling.

Anyone else?


I find it really hard to tell how other people feel about me. I think whether or not they were annoyed would depend on if they fancied me back though.

A wise person one said :

If they fancy you, you’ll know
If they don’t you’ll be confused !

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Just love yourself. Don’t trust people with your heart too quickly. It is a flattering gesture but people’s lives are pretty complicated already. If it works it won’t require much of a life change.

Love doesn’t conquer all. Sometimes it is like a flamethrower and burns bridges left and right.

Need to connect the brain to the heart.

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I felt like that a lot even when I started online dating thing…
In my head it was the lack of self confidence
I mean is it embarrasing for for the person if people know I like them?

yea it is a good question why I feel like that, idk why I feel like that, but idk how to just switch an off button to being intrigued by someone , you know?

hopefully people don’t mind and it is just in my head.

yea you are probably right that it involves something to do with confidence


Hi @anon90843118, I didn’t mean it is same for you. But I have had that thought for the reasons expained. It was very difficult for me to change my way of thinking as well. I guess, at school for example, I would constantly be reminded that I wasn’t wanted in a particular team and I guess that thoght process stuck with me.

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yea same here. not everyone. but just certain people

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Most of my 25 friends left me fearing SZ and its stigma. I knew by then that they’re not real friends.
Now I have 3 remaining friends that I only talk online. They beg me to hang out with them but I am not comfortable outside my house.

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yea maybe I am just obsessed and a bit infatuated idk. thanks for da advice always appreciate it.

I just want to get over this because it is a little bit overwhelming for me :frowning:

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I don’t think that they fancy me because I am not their type.

they are not my type either but still I am a bit obsessed.

hope it makes sense


Do you stalk them? Constantly pester them? Act a lot differently around them? If not and you don’t display annoying behavior then why would you think they’re annoyed?

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Yea maybe it’s cos it makes me act different. And I do act a little bit kind of stalkerish. Not by going into their private space so much but just by being obbsessive

I don’t know if that might be why.

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I think you are obsessed with the dream of the person. Not the reality.

You can’t gauge the full reality without that face to face click. It is really mysterious. Metaphysical even.

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