I actually feel pretty good

It’s like what used to be stress relieving just stresses me out.

I went out a few nights in a row there… by the end of it I was so strung out…

I mean once I got a good amount of sobriety behind me though I started to take care of myself again and now it seems like smooth sailing. Pretty cool.

Totally poor and my car and my bike aren’t working… but uhh. I like it in my apartment.

Hope you all are doing well. You know I’ll be here.


I forgot you were living on your own. How’s that going?

Well… basically it’s forcing me to quit drinking just be able to afford it… got expenses coming up…

It’s great other than living at the edge of the budget.

Thanks for asking man.

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maybe you could do some simple jobs on the side? anything really that doesn’t require a lot of focus. Glad you’re feeling better. sending your way the money angel :money_with_wings:

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