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How is everyones hygiene? Do you bathe and brush teeth daily or have difficulties?

I have alot of trouble due to lack of energy and motivation. i have great mental energy though. I would of never thought of something so simple would be such a challenge in my future being. I usually shave my head

I shave my head also. Am lucky if I have two showers a week. Mostly due to lack of motivation but something else as well. It is almost as if I have a phobia of washing. Like being clean exposes my self to the bad thoughts/voices. As if there is something protective in not being clean.

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I’m like that - a lot of mental energy but almost impossible to do things like showers, etc. Or anything, for that matter. - even things I want to do.

though born in france, i am english and we are born with a rare genetic gene, water becomes like acid on my skin, very scary…
take care

I can’t take showers, I take baths. I never seem to go into a bath because of hygiene. I usually hide in a bath as a way to relax. I do wash my hair at least every other day. I do shave every other day too.

I’m in the water a lot. I have no idea why, but Sz didn’t take my love of swimming. So I’m at least in the water almost every day. Please don’t ask me about laundry and clean clothing. I do forget that part sometimes. My sis does a lot of laundry and lays stuff out for me.

Keep forgetting to floss. :open_mouth:

Strip wash roughly every 4-5 days(sometimes longer) . Bath about once a month or less(don’t like my bath, it’s too narrow). Shave if i have to go out(more often than not). Wash my hair(1-2 a week) . Dental care is the worst ,rarely brush my teeth which is part of reason teeth are f***ed . Truth is it is not something that comes readily to mind. It’s a long term thing as in patient notes from the late 70s/early 80s mention the problem.
I have been worse since being on my own. I don’t think poor motivation helps.