Hunting season

My cat caught a large mouse yesterday and today a bird. I appreaciate that he always brings them at the doorstep, for us to eat, i guess. it must be a sign of gratitude.


I used to find mice and moles outside my doorstep. My cat knew only the 4 walls of a studio apartment for the first 9 years of his life until I took him in and introduced him to the great outdoors. I remember the first night he spent outside there was a bad rain storm and the next morning I found him under the deck soaked to the bone, he’s never been happier to see me than he was that morning. He also met his first other cat as well, imagine going your whole life and then running into another of your species lol.

Now we live in a third floor apartment where his great outdoors is a small porch, he’s adjusted to it though.

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Your cat is a male? I was thinking the two cats might be females “bringing food to her kittens”.

No, its 1 cat and it is a he. I thought “cat” is an unisex word in english, like dog or bird.

It’s a unisex word.

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I thought maybe leaving food at the door might be a female thing, having only had only a female cat with many kittens - too many to count. My other female cat ate what she caught.

No, having been around cats all my life I can say it’s both males and females who do this.

I had a male cat who brought me many gruesome presents, some of them still living. My female cat doesn’t go outside, but I wake up in the morning covered in her toy mice and bees several times a week.


You know what I thought was always interesting as well as very cute? Most of my life I had these two cats, brother and sister who lived for 18 years. When I’d open the door and one would be coming in and one would be going out they’d always rub noses. Then I was watching a documentary on lions one day and it said that when a lion or lioness returns to the pride they always rub noses with the other lions…


My cat brought me a giant dead rat on xmas. I guess it was a gift…:smiley_cat:

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