There were more

My last topic about having caught the mouse. We COUGHT one more. :flushed::flushed::flushed: Hope that was the last one @rogueone I desperately need a cat but it will be for all the wrong reasons I’m not a cat person as I once was.


Never take on a pet if your not up for it! Cats are remarkable animals but all animals need love and support!

It’s no worries @anon80629714. May be one day in the future you can rescue one!

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Mice infestations are terrible Not just any cat will do. Some are mousers and others are not. My cat, for instance, is not. He would just play with them and torture them, but, he wouldn’t kill or eat them. At least he wouldn’t when he was younger, I don’t know about now.

Could you borrow someone’s cat. I was told if mice just smell a cat in the house they run away?

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