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Back when I was hospitalized in early 2021, I did a few crayon sketches of the interior of the hospital. This one is my favourite. I used a blue crayon for shading, but it happened to be the same shade that scanners don’t pick up, so that’s fun. XD


I was having a lot of trouble on the other oil painting I shared, so I took a break to focus on something else.This is “Pan”, a revisitation of a concept from about two years ago that I developed in the hospital. This is the fourth installment in my “Goats” series. I was inspired by the Baroque art movement, and snippets of other movements as well. I hope to one day revisit this again in the future when I have more space, so I can make a bigger version with more detail.


This digital painting is a quick exploration of how I view my psychosis.


it looks like my grandma’s dog! cool.

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Just wanted to make a quick update. “Pan” was accepted into a local art exhibition!


Very cool! Great work and congrats on getting into the exhibition.


Digitally painted self portrait, after “Self-Portrait as a Young Man” by Rembrandt.


“Orthrus”, a digital painting exploring how I feel about my illness.


Digital painting based on “The Fallen Angel”, by Alexandre Cabanel. These anthropomorphic spoofs/reimaginings/studies/whatever are really fun!


I was recently hospitalized, and I haven’t done any art since I got home, until this. Trying to get back into the groove of painting…


it seems funny and interesting, goat in delusion as prophet haha very funny and cool

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and very original

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This is “Hound in Agony”, my latest digital painting.


do tell me you are in a gallery somewhere…your trees inspire me…what talent you have man. amazing work…I understand that last post you just posted…at first it broke my heart, but then I realized it’s happening right now and it should be addressed…prolific you are. amazing man, good job.

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WOW, just wow. I’m so glad you’ve shared these with us. I hope you sell prints. I’d happily put up remorse in my recording space.

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Thank you! I’m not in a gallery (yet!). Your comments mean a lot. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m working out how to sell prints currently.

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I have a boss who gets me my prints for a dollar a piece…it’s possible…look for a successful artist to ask if he could help you get prints…I guess…I can’t help you…it’s a only exclusive deal he offered me because he knows my plight as an artist.

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Painted this canine in armour a few days ago. This is gouache and coloured pencil.


Digital self portrait. I was feeling depressed, so I drew myself depressed.