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Hey all. Welcome to my little space to share my art. Since creating is one of my ways to cope with my illness, I thought I’d post here to discuss it with like-minded people. My favourite media are watercolours and oils, though I also create digital art as well. I typically make art featuring cartoon animals as vessels to tell stories. I like to render my paintings with a lot of semi-realistic detail, and I take a lot of inspiration from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantic periods. As of writing this, I will be enrolling at a local community college to continue my studies in the arts. My hope is that I can get my work into galleries and tell my stories to the world. I hope you all enjoy what I post here.

The first painting I want to share is called Remorse, and it is the first in my series called Goats. In this series I will explore the subject of cartoon goats in classical settings. Each goat will have their own stiry to tell in a short sentence. This painting is oil on canvas panel. As a side note, it was also accepted into a regional competition, which will be my first ever exhibited work.

The old goatman feels remorse for all he has done and all he could have done.


Awesome work! I’d love to see more of your creations.


wow an exhibition !! I used to try to be a professional artist but I am a simple painter with it very hard to think up original pieces…good work man…you’re talented.

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Your username means raven and your picture is a horse. Weird. But I like your painting.

Looks good. Thanks for posting.

Thank you all! And @anon9798425, yeah, the persona I use online has to do with a character of mine named after the bird, and I wanted to keep this a bit separate, so I used a different picture. Though I really should’ve chosen something raven related. Good eye. XD

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Great painting :art: @Hrafn !

Wow so talented.

This next painting is named Self Portrait as a Prophet. It features the character I use to represent myself in the style of an Eastern Orthodox icon. It’s meant to illustrate a delusion where I am a prophet that is meant to save the world in some way. This painting is also oil on canvas panel.


This painting, The Oracle, is another illustration of my prophet delusion. This one is watercolour on paper.

I was feeling poorly for the last couple of days, so I didn’t post any art. I’m feeling much better now. :slight_smile:


Very nice paintings @Hrafn I’m curious – why did you decide to paint goats in this series of paintings?

@Moonbeam At first I chose them on a whim, based on a single sketch. As I kept working on the project, I kind of felt more and more interested in the role that goats play in human culture, such as in spirituality, religion, and so on. It’s a strange experience, but I feel more interested in continuing the series than before. This got kinda rambly, I hope this answered your question. ^^

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You’ve a great style !

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Loving the chiaroscuro on the goatman!

Very Caravaggio :slightly_smiling_face:

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This watercolour is Pan (after the Ancient Greek god). This is a sort of study for a bigger oil painting I want to do when I have more space.


Goat #2, Sebastian. Oil on canvas panel.

The suffering of Sebastian was caused by those who did not understand.


Here’s an older drawing of a goatman with long ears. I used graphite pencils for this.


Wow great job 5262626

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Off subject but the position of the fingers makes me think of flicking a fly away. Your paintings evoke emotions.

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My Reverie, or the Idealized Landscape of My Mind or just My Reverie is a new (varnished yesterday!) painting about the peaceful state of being I crave. This is oil on canvas panel.