Some of my paintings

I see angels primarily. Sometimes my emotions take on a form or image that I’ll paint. Just wantd to share.


Nice, I really like the last one.

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well done @Hedgehog makes me want to paint some angels too ! (I’m a painter )

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You should always paint what you’re inspired to paint! Thank you :slight_smile: What do you usually paint @jukebox? I’d love to see you share here too.

Really amazing. Thanks for posting more - I was really hoping you would.

I really love the bottom one particularly, I think it and the one you posted earlier are my favorites.

Thank you @Malvok. That one is how being depressed feels like drowning to me (and probably to others)

I posted them because of your encouragement :slight_smile: Thank you so much, you’re really kind.

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Just a note for everyone posting their creative works.

From the Terms of Service:

User contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Personally, I love it but it might not be for everyone.


hi @Hedgehog I unfortunately don’t have any way to show my paintings. Malvok helped me one time put some artwork on but it is buried. Maybe @Malvok knows how to unearth the old posts of my work? My phone no longer takes photos so I am stuck. thanks for your interest.

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Thanks a million @Malvok I knew you could do it !! @Hedgehog there ya go. some of my later works.

@Hedgehog You could almost do these with finger paints. Um - are they? I don’t say that as a put down. There are wonderful finger paint artists.

I really like the one with the black wings. It feels like he’s come to take me.

Are you referring to the texture when you say they look like fniger paints? I’m not offended. I use whatever works to paint, and, yeah, sometimes my bare hands are what works in a moment :slight_smile: That’s my son’s angel.

Wish I could paint like that…

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@jukebox, you’re really good…I’m partial to the flowers because they, for me, have the most feeling. Lovely! Keep painting- doesn’t it help/feel freeing to paint?

I relate to these paintings, especially the last one of the person drowning.

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Hey! I’m different here, I love the middle one, wouldn’t mind having it up in my wall. Fantastic work!

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I have felt that way many times. I’m sorry you feel that way too. We’re survivors, and not everyone can relate to what we experience, but it’s real and we survive.

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Thank you, I’m so glad you like them, and I appreciate the kind words

Excellent work!!!

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