A few of my paintings

These are a few paintings that I did a while back. Sorry if the picture is bad I tried to take a picture of them with a macbook which is not the easiest. Anyways the first two are canvas and the last one is a canvas board.


Pretty cool! I like the one in the middle, the red bird, the most :slight_smile:


Very Pretty… very very pretty paintings. I also see within them a lot of emotions.

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Pretty paintings!


Quite nice, you seem to like dragons in your paintings … do you know why is that?

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@disciple Thank you and I like that one too though I don’t know if it’s my favorite. I don’t think I really have a favorite.

@DragonStorm thank you and I’ve never really thought of the emotions in them. I feel that if I were to make a painting now though it would be a sad one.

@brugluiz and a thank you to you too!

@mjseu Well when I painted these I used to obsess over dragons. I used to even make dragons out of pipecleaners. I still like dragons I just don’t obsess over them and as for why I liked them I just thought they were magnificent even if they weren’t real. They were powerful, strong, and free. Essentially everything I wanted to be, and still want to be.

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third drawing is the best :smiling_imp:

They’re very pretty! I like the one in the middle the best!

My favorite is the red bird. Really lovely colors! Nice work!

Any emotion in a drawing or painting help you create it texture and feel from within yourself.

also you see some of my designs at my website I have a dark side hidden with in them also a great bit of sorrow. fixed1(dot)com

Good paintings. I guess you like dragons a lot?