How's your memory?

I have a really hard time remembering things that have happened to me. It’s easy to remember things, facts. But I find myself struggling to remember events. Or process information in the moment. I feel like I get to experience everything that happens two minutes later and then it’s gone in an hour.

It’s embarrassing to have to ask people to speak again because all I heard was garbled sounds. I might remember the pitch of their voice, how loud it was, but not what was said. Then people often yell so I can hear them, which is even MORE difficult to process.

Weed helps me with understanding loud noises and speech in general. But it’s not practical or possible to be high every time someone speaks to me.

Does anyone have trouble remembering events specifically? And any input on how to help my short term memory?

my memory has improved over time, it use to be very bad but writing things here and going out to my clubhouse and with friends has helped, i now know at least 100 people by name now which is huge.

My memory has improved as my anxiety has improved. If I am particularly anxious I cannot absorb any information at all.

My autobiographical memory is not good.

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Thank you, very relevant study. I have excellent semantic memory but very poor autobiographical as well

My verbal memory is bad.I can’t remember what people have just told me.

My working memory and short term memory is not that bad and has improved with the right meds like vraylar. But my long term or autobiographical memory is a blur. I’m starting to think things happened to me in my dreams that happened in real life or a past life and I sometimes get confused.

I sometimes think the universe started for me in 2008-2013, somewhere in there. And before that was in a Parallel universe and is an illusion. I’m not alone in thinking this. I believe my soul is being transferred. It’s different than reincarnation.

How can I have lived millions of lives and yet most people think this is base reality or their first life?

My memory is not reliable. I keep on coming back to this shitty reality, but I’ve had worse.

I thought mine was horrible, had it tested, turned out to be pretty good. Not as good as it was, however (to me, at least).

My short-term memory is terrible.
but I have good long-term memory, I’ve been told.

My memory is like I can’t remember things from a few minutes and I always have to ask people their names especially someone new. It seems like I say someone name they look at me funny. When asked about the look they tell I have been calling them by another name. This memory problems affect my reading and art and tasks like I forget what I doing. So my memory is screwed up. I here your frustration

From Cognifit out of 800.

Auditory Short-term Memory 728
Non-verbal memory 260
Short term memory 337
Working memory 411
Contextual memory 505
Visual short term memory 107

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I don’t have a good short term memory. It’s hard to remember anything in the short term like numbers, quotes, conversations, TV shows. Long term to an extent is good. I’m not good at remembering which way to turn at an intersection or left or right is break and gas in the car. That is why I don’t drive.

I want to memorize a prayer I’ve been saying for the past month and a half, but I just screen shot it on my phone because it’s all jumbled in my head no matter how hard I try. I never had these deficits.

I know it could be worse though because in 2014 I went three months off meds, and I completely lost the ability to prayer and talk in my head, thankfully I gained that back. Prayers like Our Father, Glory Be I have memorized because I knew them since a kid.

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